Economy Plan

Sometimes you have to choose between quality and price, but not with Zadarma’s Economy Plan.

The Economy Price Plan gives you high-quality calls with the lowest rates.

To find out the call rates, enter the phone number or the country name:

Enter a number in an international format or a country name

    Make and receive calls using:

    • Computer programs
    • iOS and Android apps
    • IP-phones
    • Call forwarding
    • Browser (Teamsale CRM or web-phone)

    Calling rates to all destinations

    More about Economy plan:

    • Billing is per minute.
    • No additional payments for plan usage.
    • Premium routes with the best call quality.
    • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
    • No connection fee.


    > 2 000 000
    registered users in 160 countries worldwide
    Multichannel Customer Support Service
    Up to 90%
    Savings on a home or business phone system!

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