«Corporation USA/Canada» Bundle

The "Corporation US" bundle offers your company a modern, high quality business phone system for a minimum outlay.

No need to waste your time on call cost calculations when you can get a powerful phone system that includes everything you need for just $88/team/month:

  • - a bundle recommended for teams of 5 to 20 people, making it only $4/user/month
  • - all of the cloud PBX features and the integration with top CRMs
  • - unlimited calls to the US and Canada
  • - landline and toll-free phone numbers
  • - website widgets

You also have the option to pay once a year and receive an additional discount.

The bundle includes all of the following phone services:

Outgoing channels for unlimited calls to USA/Canada
PBX extensions
Free minutes for calls to 20 other countries
1000 minutes
Phone numbers in USA/Canada
Toll-free numbers
Incoming minutes to Toll-free numbers
PBX extensions with call recording
Cloud storage size for call recordings, Mb
Voice menus within PBX (IVR)
ZCRM - client records and calls through browser
Up to 100 users
Monthly fee / monthly payment per team
Monthly fee / annual payment per team

Amount of included minutes (1000) can be increased by 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 times per clients request. In this case, the quantity of minutes is increased proportionally (it is not possible to change one parameter at the expense of others).

Activate the bundle

About the price plan:

  • Per second billing for calls outside the bundle.
  • Calls within the Zadarma network and incoming calls to virtual numbers (except for the toll-free numbers) are free.
  • Premium, high-quality routes.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
  • No connection fee.
  • The cost for extra minutes out of the bundle is the same as in the “Standard” price plan.
  • You can make one number connected in the past year free within the phone bundle.
  • The bundle is active for – 30 days

List of countries for calls, Bundle Region – USA and Canada

Rates for calls to destinations not mentioned in this list are available in «Rates for calls on all destinations».
Argentina landline
Australia landline
Brazil landline
Chile landline
France landline
Germany landline
India landline and mobile
Ireland landline
Israel landline
Italy landline
Korea South landline
Mexico landline and mobile
New Zealand landline
Poland landline
Puerto Rico landline and mobile
Spain landline
Sweden landline
United Kingdom landline and mobile