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We have created our own simple and convenient app for Android based devices.

You can download the previous version of the app here: Download

For the correct performance of the app on Xiaomi MIUI phones there are additional settings

For the correct performance of the app on Meizu phones there are additional settings

Zadarma for Android includes:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls through Zadarma (multiple accounts support);
  • Push notifications support for uninterrupted receiving of incoming calls and extended battery life;
  • Instant SMS messages sending and receiving;
  • Ability to temporary disable account in the app and set to receive incoming calls only through Wi-Fi;
  • Automatic integration with your contacts (including copying numbers);
  • All top codecs and new versions of Android supported;
  • Account balance and cost of calls to different destinations display.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, the app does not support work with Android OS 4.4 or its earlier versions. If you are using older OS we recommend downloading the previous version of the app via this link.

Downloading and setting up Zadarma for Android

1. Find and download Zadarma from GooglePlay.

2. When first launching the app you need to enter login information:

SIP-login or PBX extension number: Your SIP number (e.g. 111111) from personal account (section “Settings – SIP Connection”).

Password: Your SIP number password from “SIP Connection” section.

SIP-login or PBX extension number: Your PBX extension number (e.g. 1234-100) from personal account.

Password: Your PBX extension number password that has to be generated on “My PBX – Extension numbers” page in personal account.

3. Allow access to Contacts for correct integration of the app with your phonebook and allow access to the microphone.

4. You have successfully logged in and can make and receive calls and SMS messages.

5. You can add new accounts in section “Settings – Accounts”.

6. You can temporary disable the app or enable call receiving only via Wi-FI in the section “Accounts” by choosing a correct account and clicking edit button on the right. In the field “Receive calls” you can choose Always, Wi-Fi Only or Never.

Any suggestions or questions regarding the app can be directed to