Zadarma speech analytics

Of the many advantageous VoIP services Zadarma has introduced to business owners, speech analytics stands out as being especially powerful. This tool parses speech into data, which is then subject to analytical processing. Consider the wealth of information in our conversations and it’s easy to see how when used effectively, speech recognition has the potential to transform business operations as a whole by supercharging business intelligence. This transformation is particularly powerful in businesses operating with call centres, sales departments, information desks or active support or hotlines.

Zadarma’s speech analytics feature really does provide that icing on the cake to the affordable, seamless, end to end VoIP solution Zadarma offers. It’s perfect for your any sales-driven business.

How does it work? The answer is simple. Recorded voice is transcribed into text with the help of neural networks and sound models that account for the structure of a vast variety of different languages.

  1. Your team receives a call and it is recorded
  2. The call recording is transcribed
  3. The tool automatically analyses the conversation
  4. A report is created based on pre-set parameters
  5. You receive call data information through a script
  6. The operator effectiveness and the overall call rating

Zadarma partners with premier speech recognition specialists and provides a top-quality recognition & analytics service with incredible accuracy. There are several key ways that businesses are leveraging the benefits of speech analytics to become more efficient and profitable than ever. Let’s take a look at the key benefits.

Improved Customer Experience & Team Performance

This is one of the major reasons call centres & sales teams have been at the forefront of speech analytic technology adoption. By allowing your customer services and sales teams to mine and analyse audio data they can detect emotion, tone and stress in a customer’s voice. Managers can streamline their management processes and call effectiveness as they can quickly identify each calling customer’s needs, wants and expectations. They can then gauge how to best address the customer issue.

Zadarma’s speech analytics tool is smart it can:

  • Quality control all calls using 10+ parameters
  • Analyse competition mentions
  • Control script following
  • Detect stop-words and obscene language used by operators
  • Easily find and search for any past legacy conversations
  • Review scripts, stop-words or dictionary words
  • Review sales team performance - voice, speech rate
  • Seek out stop gesture, interruptions
  • Provide an automatic call ratings
  • Create call graphs and call analytics reports

These features not only empower sales and call teams to improve the quality of their customer service, but they also act as training tools for sales teams internally. Speech analytics provide a huge time saving advantage and informative useful outputs for sales managers, analytics and marketing departments to improve the performance of their customer & sales teams.

Cost Savings and Increase In Sales

Zadarma’s speech analytics tool is completely free as part of the wider PBX price plans. It is already included in the free recognition minutes. There are huge cost savings to be gained through the adoption of analytics. Greater sales conversion rate and reduction in call centre service delivery time and costs have been identified as key benefits. The introduction of speech analytics often provides a welcome reduction in the cost of unnecessary callbacks after improving first-call resolution rates. Call centres can be more efficient through the avoidance of live calls that can be handled by effective IVR or website self-service systems. The savings can be endless with the reduced cost of quality assurance and monitoring and often lower cost per calls due to the faster efficient call handle times and fewer transfers.

Productive Motivated Team, Faster Communication

Speech analytics can accelerate your sales conversion process. By analysing which conversations lead to more sales, sales & call centres can focus their efforts. Teams can focus on the most effective sales managers while managers can focus on the best performing and most effective patterns to close sales and develop a training program to mentor other team members. Quicker feedback can often make teams improve their customer and sales performance through faster iterative learnings. At the end of all this, more sales make a happier, more highly motivated team.

Zadarma’s speech analytics tool comes highly recommended by customer service & sales teams globally. This smart technology helps to simplify internal processes and make it easier for managers to organise tasks. Speech recognition & analytics technology will be a fast-growing, transformative subset of signal processing & analytics for years to come. Why not give our free tool and go and reap the rewards!