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The easiest, most cost effective way to get a Canadian phone number is through a VoIP phone provider. This instantly provides you with a virtual phone number, even when outside Canada. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to use your new Canadian virtual phone number. VoIP services can actually reduce the hassle of setting up a business phone, since setup takes a matter of minutes. A virtual Canadian number allows you to stay close to your clients, vendors, and prospects by choosing a local area code. You can strategically select your Canadian phone number code, for instance selecting a Canadian city of choice. The first few digits of your Canadian number identify what region the phone number is based out of. This rapidly imposes a feel of presence in a specific geographic area.

Here are two simple steps you need to take to set up a Canadian phone number:

1. Select a VoIP Phone Service Provider

It is vital that you select a well established VoIP partner. Not every VoIP provider supports Canadian numbers and some providers may only cover a couple of cities. It is important you do your research and check that your VoIP shortlist offers local Canadian phone numbers with your desired location and three-digit area codes. Zadarma offers the opportunity to connect a phone number in Canada to your PC, mobile phone, SIP gate, office PBX, or to any other device that supports SIP. In addition, you can forward your virtual phone number to Canada for free, or at a very low price. Zadarma offers local numbers to over 70 Canadian cities.

Furthermore, if you have an existing Canadian phone number but are moving to another country, you may want to keep your current number to avoid confusing your customers or maintain your brand. In this situation, you’ll want to seek a VoIP service that supports phone number porting from the type of device your Canadian number is currently linked to. Be careful to not incur any porting costs. Some services charge hidden porting fees. However, with Zadarma you can easily make the switch from any device or VoIP service for free.

2. Setting up your virtual phone number

Once you select your ideal VoIP provider, the next step is signing up and setting up your virtual Canadian phone number. This process can take as little as a few minutes and is usually straightforward. To connect a Canadian number you need to register with your chosen VoIP service. You then need to choose a suitable number, for instance the closest city from which you want your number to be located. You will often need to upload necessary documents if required, and top up your account to allow for instant use. Zadarma recommends prepaying a number to ensure you have ample credit in advance, to avoid losing connection due to an overdue payment. Some providers may block your number if there is a shortage of funds. Blocked numbers will be restored from the number connection date, not from the date of when the payment was made. Your virtual phone number will be linked to your VoIP account, so you can manage calls and texts from any device that your VoIP phone system supports. Zadarma offer three different types of virtual numbers:

  • Local Canadian Numbers

  • Local numbers are often the most popular virtual number. This is because they offer a feel of local presence through the provision of a local landline number with an area code of a certain Canadian city. A local number will allow you to open a virtual office in most cities around the world, subject to your provider city number range of offering. You can find a full list of the Canadian cities here.

  • Canadian Mobile Numbers

  • Mobile numbers are attributed to a mobile code of a certain country. If you make a call using these numbers, then they are charged as mobile calls. Furthermore , many mobile numbers will support text message reception too.

  • Toll Free Canadian Phone Numbers

  • Toll-free, also known as Freephone, can also be a solution for calling in Canada. These numbers are free for your clients to call you on. Toll-free numbers hold huge advantages for businesses as they provide a hidden incentive for a prospect or customer to make that call, at no charge. Free phone or toll-free numbers can be used more broadly, nation-wide as they are not connected to a certain city and free for anyone in the country to call. Zadarma offers a free ‘1800 number’ or Toll free numbers. This is useful for any company that is working with clients in Canada. Clients will be able to make calls absolutely free of charge from any part of Canada. The cost of the call is covered by your company, which is very effective tactic for acquiring and retaining customers.

What are the benefits of having a Canadian phone number while overseas?

If you are a business that has customers or prospective customers based within Canada then it is wise to consider introducing a Canadian phone number. International businesses often have a shared objective of long term growth and local presence in the countries they wish to deliver business within. When setting up a presence in a new market, like Canada, it doesn’t always have to mean a physical office location and a local team on the ground. Quite simply, establishing an international local Canadian phone number provides the best solution. It enables you to take international calls and have a local awareness in a Canadian city of your choice from your existing business location. Let’s now explore some of the benefits of having a Canadian phone number while overseas.

  1. Improved call pick up rates

  2. Maybe you are struggling to get Canadian leads or finding it difficult to attract Canadian clients to pick up the phone? This may be due to your country's calling code or area code. It is very normal for people to be cautious to pick up unknown or foreign numbers, especially if they’re coming in from abroad. People often want to avoid hidden fees and awkward conversations so simply will just not answer the call. A Canadian phone number will help you get through barriers such as these, rather than being sent to voicemail or your call being unanswered.

  3. Affordable presence

  4. If you have international clients offering local numbers in each country (including Canada) will show that you officially can service customers in the customers local area. The most obvious benefit is the extensive cost saving you will be leveraging through using a VoIP phone system and provider. Local numbers allow you to call and text Canadian clients without getting charged any extra fees. Your actual location will no longer matter. Even when you’re technically making international calls, you won’t face long-distance call charge rates. With a virtual phone number set up, users simply need to make and receive calls through their designated online virtual number to avoid tapping into roaming charges. This number can be diverted to your mobile, to allow you to receive calls on the go. The reduced calling rates is one of the most important benefits of an international virtual number over a traditional Canadian mobile or traditional Canadian landline number. Virtual numbers use less resources and they are far less expensive than traditional mobile calls. A major advantage of establishing a virtual phone number is the instant local presence. Neither you or your customers have to worry about fees for international calls. Your local Canadian phone number will attract local callers who will only pay a local call rate.

  5. Quick & simple solution

  6. Traditional phone lines can be difficult to set up and maintain in particular if you are based far from the provider. VoIP, in comparison, is straightforward to set up and configure remotely, without the help of a tech consultant or IT representative. If you adopt a VoIP powered phone number or mobile number, then there is no need for any hardware or phone wiring required as you use your broadband connection to activate your number and your calls in and out of Canada.

  7. More Reliability & Scalability

  8. Zadarma offers a reliable phone system and calling solution, perfect for growing businesses. With a virtual number in place you can feel confident and not have to worry about your phone system going down.The beauty of a virtual number through a VoIP provider is it does not require additional expenses, whether you’re adding or removing users. Conveniently, you can add a new Canadian phone line as soon as you add a new team or family member. Equally if you need to scale down, you can just as easily reassign the existing line or remove it completely.

  9. Advanced Calling Features

  10. Zadarma doesn’t just offer international numbers. If you set up a virtual number with Zadarma, you will have access to the free cloud PBX. This has a host of useful features to accelerate your international communication solution for your business. Zadarma’s PBX allows you to connect as many phone numbers in different regions, providing a direct call connection instantly to your appropriate employees. The PBX features are endless improving business operation efficiencies and call performance through call analysis tools. The PBX offers advanced call forwarding features, customisable voicemails, providing missed call notifications. Zadarma’s PBX can ensure your overseas business is portrayed as credible through providing a level of sophistication with a professional communication solution in place. With features such as the voice menu function and working hour call diversions as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration capability, the Cloud PBX is proving to simplify and unite internal and external processes across growing international businesses.

In conclusion:

It has been proven that having a dedicated business phone number in notable Canadian cities like Toronto or Montreal, improves your interaction with local Canadian customers. With a Canadian phone number, your local customers will feel more comfortable calling you and receiving your calls. It provides a solution to enhance your customer relationships, as people are more likely to answer a call based on an area code they recognise. If you are a business based outside of Canada and looking to reach prospects in the local vicinity, you ultimately require a virtual Canadian phone number. Having a local phone number boosts brand credibility whilst at the same time cuts long-distance calling fees.

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