USA 877 phone numbers

From understanding what toll free numbers in the USA are to exploring the advantages, and learning how your business can set up a toll free number. The following guide explores a series of frequently asked questions helping you understand everything you need to know about 877 toll free numbers.

Understanding what the 877 code is used for?

The 877 code is a code for toll free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan. Similar to 800 and 888, the 877 this code is often commonly known and used for toll free or free phone calls. If a business customer dials an 877 number, the customer will not incur any charges for the call. 877 code numbers are popular with sales driven businesses who are looking to incentivise their customers to make and receive their calls.

How does an 877 code number work?

Traditionally, landline numbers in the US contain 7 digits. These digits are preceded by a three digit area code. If businesses are using toll free numbers, then the code could be 877. 877 codes and other toll free numbers operate through a simple process known as call routing. For instance, when a prospective customer dials an 877 number, the call is routed to a designated destination number. Most often the caller is routed to the centralized company number.

Many businesses will leverage VoIP technology to ensure the best rates, as businesses with their telecommunication partner will cover the incoming call rates, at no cost to the caller. Offering an 877 code number heightens accessibility and invites client interaction as callers can freely get in touch with no worry about long-distance fees.

How do you get an 877 area code number?

Many businesses using 877 code phone numbers claim that the code itself has enhanced their businesses reputation and credibility. The 877 code presents a professional business persona, providing an accessible free communication channel for customers.

It is simple and easy to set up an 877 code number, through following these steps.

1. Do Your Research

There are a wide variety of VoIP providers on the market today, so it is vital you spend time understanding each provider's toll free code offering, ensuring they cover 877 codes. Cloud VoIP vendors are preferred in this instance as this technology allows users to make and receive calls over the internet, significantly cutting costs for businesses.

2. Choose A VoIP Provider

Select a reliable telecommunications service provider offering toll free calls. It is important you seek out and research reputable providers that are known for excellent customer service and nationwide coverage. Zadarma offers 877 code phone numbers and ensures these toll free calls are free of charge for callers from North American countries. For domestic calls to a 877 number from a mobile device or landline, users dial 877 plus their 7 digit number. It is important to note that incoming calls to toll free 877 numbers are charged, however incoming calls to all other Zadarma phone numbers are free.

3. Select A Call Plan

Review the toll free plans offered by the provider and choose one that aligns with your business’s needs. Consider factors such as call clarity, call forwarding options, and additional features. Zadarma offers a fixed call rate from the United States, Canada, and other countries. All incoming calls to toll free 877 numbers are billed per-minute. Toll free 877 numbers are often only for domestic calls. You might also be interested in our previous topic about 844 area codes.

  1. Activation of Zadarma’s toll free 877 number in the United States is $0
  2. Zadarma’s monthly fee for a 877 code number in the United States is $3 on an annual plan
  3. Zadarma’s Monthly fee for a 877 code number in the United States is $6 on a monthly plan

4. Register And Activate Your 877 Code Number

Registering with your chosen VoIP partner should be a straightforward process. You can always reach out to your VoIP provider to understand the availability of 877 code phone numbers before registering or activating your number. Vendors will provide you with a list of available options to choose from. For context this is how you register with Zadarma.

  • You simply need to register to access the website.
  • You will need to fill in your company details to activate your account. This typically includes detailing your business name, address, and contact details.
  • You will need to top up your account before you can activate your 877 number.
  • Zadarma will then offer a selection of 877 numbers for you to choose from, whereby you can connect and activate your chosen 877 code number.

5. Call Handling Set Up

It is important you set up your call handling before you start to use and promote your new 877 number. Whether you would like to configure call forwarding, voicemail, or interactive voice response (IVR) menus, your VoIP provider can help guide you with the best way to manage and streamline customer interactions.

6. Advertise your 877 phone number

Once set up, you can start to promote your new 877 phone number. This could involve updating your number on your website and across other marketing channels. It is important to let your customer’s know that your 877 code number is now active, so they can leverage the free phone number.

877 toll-free numbers

What are the benefits of using an 877 code number?

There are many advantages of partnering with a cloud VoIP vendor to access 877 phone numbers. The following advantages look at the benefits of using a 877 code number and explains why such codes can help your business grow.

1. Cost Effective Calling For North America

The beauty of registering with a VoIP provider is that as your company grows, you can stick to the same plan and scale it with additional users and additional phone numbers. With the right VoIP provider and an effective 877 toll free number set up for your business, you can often save significant amounts on communication fees. You can ensure you keep your phone billing in accurate order, centralizing and organizing your phone call billings through one dedicated number. With an 877 code number from Zadarma, users will be charged a minimum monthly payment for incoming calls.

2. Incentivised Calling

877 code numbers are universally recognised as being free to phone. This is attractive for customers as a free phone call invites the caller to contact and interact with your company as it is a free phone number. The free nature of the code attracts customers which means they are more likely to make the call to seek out information, or make purchases since the number will incur no charge to them. This is highly beneficial to a business as the more calls you receive, the more leads you have for potential sales conversion. An 877 free phone number can help build credibility for your business and customers value the offering of a free phone number.

3. Wider Coverage

By having a 877 toll free business number, you will improve your geographical reach and coverage. An 877 number isn’t restricted to geographical locations like specific local area codes are, and can remain the same even if you relocate your office. This improves accessibility for your customers and in-turn can build customer trust, loyalty and overall customer experience.

4. Call Performance Monitoring

VoIP providers like Zadarma, provide various supporting call performance management, call analytics and call tracking with access to call statistics and dashboards. With applied call tracking managers can track the volume and performance specifically around the 877 code numbers, which can provide insightful data foundation from which to optimize call handling and call agent performance from. Marketing managers may promote the 877 code number across marketing channels. They can track how many calls and leads the number has generated through setting up simple call tracking. The use of a consistent 877 number allows businesses to unlock lead data and insights. Sales and marketing leaders can optimize marketing campaigns to ensure they boost their lead funnel effectively. Businesses can make decisions to enhance performance by acquiring insight into client interactions.

5. Customized Professional Greetings

877 number codes can be set up with specific customized greetings to reassure US callers that they have reached the right regional number. You can set different greetings for different area code numbers if you wish. You can also create a custom IVR menu to route incoming calls onto the right agent or office.

6. Worry Free & Convenient

Many businesses speak of the hassle-free benefits of having a 877 code number set up. Whether you choose to have a toll free number in the United States, you can have your new number forwarded to your existing landline number or mobile number if you are on the move. This avoids the need of having an additional phone line or installing any extra hardware equipment at all.

7. PBX Phone System Benefits

The advantages of choosing a respected VoIP provider to activate your new 877 code number, is that you often will be able to access their additional VoIP service features. In Zadarma’s case, along with your 877 code number, business users are able to access Zadarma’s PBX phone system, free of charge. This system comes with calling and call management features.

Zadarma’s phone system features includes call tracking, call recording, call forwarding, IVR, the Teamsale CRM, video conferencing, call queuing, call barge, whisper modes and call analytics. The PBX phone system has been praised to help seamlessly improve operations. Through leveraging a cloud PBX phone system like Zadarma’s you are set to enjoy the advantages of improving your customer servicing processes and customer satisfaction levels, reducing costs and raising productivity, alongside more engaged customers.

8. Improved Company Image

Businesses with an 877 number often are seen to have a competitive edge over competitors. This is great for your business and useful for marketing too. You may promote your free phone number on social media, on emails or through advertising. 877 code numbers are often deemed easier to remember so customers are more likely to make that call. The 877 area code’s toll free feature shows a dedication to customer satisfaction and presents a professional business image, which in time can build trust and repeat rate of business with customers long term.

Why buy an 877 number with Zadarma?

Zadarma toll free 877 code numbers are hugely popular, perfect for businesses looking to grow as well as save on communication expenses. Zadarma offers US free toll free, local and mobile phone numbers at highly affordable rates. Additionally users have access to a wide range of VoIP phone services, all free of charge, including access to the PBX phone system and the Teamsale CRM and free call tracking, as well as call management features and speech analytics.


An 877 code number is one of the original toll free codes, which allows businesses to provide callers nationwide with a single number to access, avoiding long-distance charges. If you are looking to expand your business in North America with a means to allow your customers to call you free of charge, plus are looking to foster a wider geographical presence, then a free phone 877 code number is an ideal call management solution. Your business will be able to widen its geographic reach and incentivise customers to communicate more frequently with you, whilst at the same time you avoid your customers having to pay for their calls. Setting up 877 code phone numbers is a simple, cost effective process. Call configuration, allows businesses to route calls on to a company wide number or specific agents. You can set up simple call tracking around your 877 phone number to monitor your lead and marketing performance. An 877 toll free number makes it incredibly easy to expand your business, both regionally and globally.