International business in London and NYC

Our customers frequently ask how they can buy a virtual number in a foreign country and make their business international. Here’s a quick explanation of how you can expand the geographical range of your business for just 5 USD per month!

Let’s imagine you registered a business in Delaware. To make your company look more presentable, you decided to buy a virtual phone number in New York and place it on your website. So when your clients call you, they will dial a number with one of the NYC area codes. Things have been going well; the company grew and you became well established in the local market. You have noticed that clients from other states are interested in your service as well, so to make things more convenient for them, you buy a toll free (1-888) phone number, calls to which are free of charge for your clients dialling from within the US. (The cost for calls made by the clients will be billed to your account).

Later, you decide to expand your business to England, and you realise that creating a reliable channel for communication with your clients and partners is the most important opening move. So, here’s what you have to do.

Open a virtual office in London

  • 1. Buy a phone number in London, UK.
  • 2. Switch on the cloud PBX and set up the voice menu.
  • 3. Set up the additional PBX functions. The minimum requirement is to configure the incoming calls scenario so clients from London will be able to reach the sales manager responsible for the British clients straight away.
  • 4. Place your new London number in the contacts section of your website.
  • 5. Advertise your products and service abroad using various marketing channels (e.g. contextual advertising).

And that’s it! You now have a virtual office in London.

PBX setup

You can answer calls using your laptop, apps on your cell phone and IP-phones in your office. Your client managers can take calls when they are away (or even when they have no internet connection), by turning on the call forwarding to their cell number.

Who is this for?

90% of businesses want to reach new markets and expand internationally. Whatever products and services you sell and regardless of the size of your company, you can find new clients and increase your sales if you set up a virtual office in another country.

Phone Number Plans

Zadarma virtual numbers are widely used by companies who want to open virtual offices in Europe, USA, Canada and many other parts of the world. We have noticed that this feature is especially popular with designers, tourist agencies, internet services and logistics companies.

Opening a virtual office in another country shows that the company cares about its clients and their comfort. For example, many airlines create virtual offices in the destinations they service. In reality, they simply hire a call-center specialist with the relevant language skills and their clients can reach them in the most convenient way. Many types of businesses operate in a similar way. For example, companies that produce clothes, shoes, IT products have started to expand internationally with virtual offices.

How much does this cost and how long does it take?

5 dollars and 5 minutes! These are not just figures to attract your attention. Buying a virtual phone number and Setting up the cloud PBX takes only 5 minutes. In reality, a virtual office can cost you less than 5 USD per month since you pay the monthly fee but all incoming calls to your phone number are free of charge. The phone number itself is free and the actual monthly fee depends on the city. For example, having a phone number in London, New York, Paris and Madrid will cost you 2 USD per month; in Berlin and Melbourne you pay 3 USD per month.

Zadarma allows you to buy a virtual phone number in 80 countries around the globe and you can even set up a toll-free number anywhere you like.

Large international coverage

5 USD is the approximate amount of money that a business pays to buy a virtual phone number in another country and make outgoing calls from their local numbers. The cloud PBX itself, voice menu setup, call recordings and integrations with the CRM systems are completely free. You can also set up your caller ID for free, so the call recipients will see a local phone number on their cell phones when the incoming call arrives. Potential clients will not even notice that you are calling them from another country or city.

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