Zadarma CRM and emailing integration

Customer relationship management is a process in which a business or other organisation administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analytics to analyse large amounts of information. A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. ​

At Zadarma we offer a free cloud-based CRM and this CRM can assist with automating all key processes, within our standard VoIP packages at no additional charge. This is fully integrated with Zadarma phone and PBX (Private Business Exchange) solutions and is suitable for all businesses no matter their size and regardless of employee usage. At Zadarma we listen to our customers and we have seen increasing demand for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration needs with email services not just with phone systems. Due to the continued success and widespread adoption of Zadarma’s CRM, the technical team at Zadarma felt it only justified to offer advancement to our system. The system now offers integration between email and the CRM itself which in short is allowing users to now send and receive emails within the central CRM system. You can connect different emailing services to one account and create leads from incoming emails from unknown addresses automatically. The integration with email takes only a few minutes to set up, and the level of encryption in place will guarantee the security of your data.

The Benefits of VoIP, CRM & Email Integration For Your Business

  1. A Centralised View For Business Communication
  2. To ensure efficient business processes, it is necessary to provide focus and limit distractions for your employees. Integration of your CRM with your inbound and external emailing will allow you to keep all the necessary information about the client at your fingertips. A significant advantage of integrating CRM with email marketing is maintaining a customer base. First and last name, phone number, email address and summary of last communications. Email and call history information can be stored and saved to the contact profile card. This ensures everything is stored in one place. You can track the frequency of previous interactions, as well as send reminders about the company. You may want to send a text message, post a letter or inform your prospect about new products via email or a simple phone call. The history of this conversation will be recorded within the CRM. This truly is a very convenient way to interact with clients which makes communication much more effective. You will be able to analyse the data and draw objective conclusions to influence your long-term communication strategy. Additional advantages include speeding up the process and time savings. The provision of one central view of your communication will reduce the risk of mistakes and human error as you can track emails and calls through your centralised CRM solution.

  3. More Efficient & Accurate Lead Management
  4. Your business may receive various leads through email and inbound calls and sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of these and identify the warmest leads. In some instances, the focus can be applied to the wrong leads, for instance, leads coming via calls rather than emails. Time and investment can be lost as a result. Copying and pasting data between applications (for instance from a phone customer profile card over to your email) is not only time-consuming but also leaves lots of room for human error. With dozens of calls to make during each shift, your team members can mistakenly enter the wrong data and potentially risk you losing customers. Zadarma’s CRM email integration automatically pulls data between apps so your workforce can focus on customer services rather than making sure they haven’t missed a digit in the CRM profile. Zadarma’s CRM with email service integration is allowing customer service and sales managers to email directly through the CRM. You can set tasks and reminders within the CRM to ensure the actions are prioritised and completed on time. Basic parameters of the lead such as the job title, industry, and even geographic location can be taken into account as per the rules.

  5. More Effective Sales & Marketing Planning
  6. It is essential to understand your sales and marketing efforts and return on investment. You need to understand whether your email templates and sales call handling are effective or whether modifications are required to improve and speed up sales conversion rates. In addition to Zadrma’s CRM, now with email service integration, Zadarma offers a simple analytical sales cycle report within the CRM solution. Now managers can analyse the average time it takes a sales representative to close a deal with different clients and prospective customers. Managers can explore the number of calls and emails made and understand the touch points, call duration and speech recognition within each call. This can provide insight into the sales cycle and whether improvements are required across email and phone outreach. In addition, marketing teams, now armed with these data insights across email and phone can understand the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. The CRM is capable of gathering and analysing the data from the sales and marketing team’s outreach through email and calls. The analytical reports provide insight into best-performing tactics. These activities can therefore be optimised to improve and focus communication performance.

  7. More Cost Savings
  8. A VoIP-powered CRM with integrated email services will improve how you allocate resources and reduce ineffective man-hours. Cost savings are one of the benefits of VoIP that any business can appreciate. Emails are free to send and fast to receive when you have a working WiFi in place. You can only install so many traditional phone lines and costs quickly add up, especially if your business regularly makes long-distance calls. Traditional phone lines also typically charge for each minute of call time, whereas with VoIP your only costs are your monthly charges. Zadarma provides free access to their CRM with email services and wider VoIP features such as IVR, call analytics, call recording and call transfer services.

  9. Improve Customer Service & Customer Management
  10. With integrated VoIP and CRM, a customer service representative can easily anticipate a customer’s needs in real time with the customer profile automatically populating from the incoming calls and emails. Customer services team can record, make and store notes on each call. Customer care teams can therefore go into call and email conversations with valuable data, insights and background history and understanding of their customers to ensure their conversations are more personable. This customer as a result is more likely to feel more valued and understood. Zadarma’s Cloud-based CRM solution helps you keep track of relationships with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan call and email daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance providing a clear review of team accountability and effectiveness.

  11. A Happier, More Productive Team
  12. With VoIP integrated with CRM and email integration, new contacts are automatically created with unknown incoming calls and emails. You can easily add follow-up notes to the customer profile which saves time and can motivate teams. With a VoIP CRM integration, your agents don’t have to constantly juggle two different apps. You could easily save hours every month without such distractions. Another great aspect is that your agents can access customer data on any device, at any time. They can get data about an incoming call on their mobile phones and answer it on the spot instead of going to their laptop where they usually use the CRM. Furthermore, your team will spend less time needed to gain handover and to understand the background history around contacts. When a new call comes in, the employee handling the call or email will immediately know about any previous interactions with the customer if they have been stored in the CRM, so they won’t have to reach out to another agent to get more information. By integrating CRM with email and phone communications, you will find your team is much happier. It’s a safe bet to assume that your employees don’t want to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks constantly. Data entry is one of the most common reasons why sales teams dislike their jobs, as it is tedious and requires manual work that is much more easily automated.

  13. Easy installation & maintenance
  14. Zadarma offers a turn-key solution. Zadarma’s CRM with email services is proving hugely popular with our users, providing them with the ability to send and receive emails within the central CRM system. The integration with email takes only a few minutes to set up, and the level of encryption in place will guarantee the security of your data. You can connect different emailing services to one account and create leads from an incoming email from unknown addresses automatically. VoIP with CRM is easy to install even for those who are less technically savvy. There is no need to have expert technicians running phone wiring throughout your office. IP phones are virtually plug-and-play. With one provider for both VoIP & CRM then 24/7 support can be streamlined.

Zadarma CRM now with email services offers endless advantages. The cloud-based CRM solution helps you keep track of relationships with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance providing a clear review on team accountability and effectiveness. The benefits of integrated VoIP-CRM with email are endless, with few, if any drawbacks. Sophisticated businesses around the world are embracing this powerful technology and understanding the competitive advantages that VoIP integration can have to centralise your phone and email communication and fundamentally empower business growth.