Click to Call Chrome Extension

The Zadarma call plugin from Google Chrome allows you to make calls straight from the browser without additional equipment or apps via WebRTC protocol.

The extension finds phone numbers on the website. You can make a call by simply clicking a telephone icon or by highlighting the number and clicking on it using the right mouse button. You can also pull up a phone keypad by clicking the extension icon.

All calls made using the extension are included in PBX statistics and integrated CRM systems. The Click to Call extension is especially convenient when working with CRM or helpdesk and similar systems.

Extension setup and instructions for use

Required conditions:

  • PBX enabled and set up
  • Google Chrome browser

Installation and setings:

  1. Go to Chrome web store and install the extension
  2. After extension installation you need to enter the following information: number and integration key for authorization. This data can be found in integration settings in your personal account
  3. After a successful authorization on your extension number you can start making calls. The plugin finds phone numbers on different websites on its own. Just point at the number with and click the telephone icon
    We also recommend pinning the extension to the quick list for easier access to the keypad.
  4. If the number was not found automatically, a call can be made by highlighting a number, clicking on it with the right mouse button and choosing Call option in the context menu:
  5. In the extension parameters you can enter domains where it will not be activated. Simply add a website or websites to the Add domain field.