VoIP on smartphones
and tablets

It is very easy to install a VoIP app on a smartphone, since your telephone already has a high quality microphone and a speaker to make calls.

We offer you our own VoIP apps for the two most popular platforms:

Zadarma for Android and Zadarma for iOS.

You can also set up and install any other VoIP technology app that supports SIP protocol and you can find the setup instructions for the popular apps below.

Software and Settings

The quality of today's mobile internet connections is sufficient for the VoIP technology.

The following three types of connection are suitable:

  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G
  • 4G/LTE

We recommend using our free echo-test to check the quality of your calls (dial 4444).

If the quality of your internet channel is not sufficient (for example, when you are on the road or in a remote area), we recommend you to save a CallBack link on your phone. The link can be created in less than a minute and will allow you to make calls even with a very poor internet connection.