Phone numbers in Russia

Virtual numbers / Russia

The Zadarma Project gives you the opportunity to connect a phone number in Russia to your PC, SIP gate, office PBX, mobile phone, or to any other device that supports SIP. In addition, you can forward your virtual phone number to any country for free, or at a very low price.

You can get phone numbers in the cities listed below at the following prices:

Area code Destination Connection fee Monthly fee (bundle is active for 30 days)
   Please upload the following documents to order the phone number: passport or ID copy (both sides)
   Please upload the following documents to order the phone number: passport or ID copy (both sides) and a photo of you with your passport, and today's date, as shown in example, specify your current address (city, street, number and postal code).

All incoming calls on DID number are free (except for numbers 800).

All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.

With every number You get 2 lines (2 concurrent connection), lines adding is possible for additional fee.

For each 499 Moscow number 5 incoming lines are provided. For each 495 code Moscow number 10 lines are provided (10 concurrent incoming connections), it can be increased up to 100 lines for free.

After connecting, the number is set as Caller ID and will be displayed during outgoing calls from this SIP account.

Outgoing calls and call forwarding accounted by the current phone system bundle regardless of the number connection.

How can you get a virtual phone number?

Follow these steps:
  • Register on our site and log into your personal account;
  • Top up your account to an amount equal to the connection fee and the monthly fee for the first month (in the Top-up section of your personal account);
  • Go to the “Settings - Virtual Phone numbers” section and order the phone number.
In the cities, where it is possible to select a specific phone number, the activation will take place immediately after the document verification. In all other cities the number will be activated within 1-5 working days, and a notification message will be sent to your email address. Activation of toll-free 800 numbers takes 1-10 working days.