Free Moscow number, Russian Federation

Number activation takes 1-5 working days.

Connection of Moscow number 495. . . . $0

Monthly fee for number 495. . . . $0

On what conditions number is provided for free?

Number is provided for free if You get more than 700 minutes of incoming calls on it per month. If You get less minutes, then You pay minimal monthly fee.

Moscow number connection 0
Monthly fee (from 700 incoming minutes per month) 0
Number of incoming channels 10
Monthly fee (from 400 to 700 minutes) $3
Monthly fee (up to 400 minutes) $7
Reserved balance* $7

Incoming calls on number 495 are free of charge.

System checks the sum of incoming minutes at the end of each month and determines whether the number was free of charge or not. If You get less than 700 minutes of incoming calls, monthly fee is taken at the end of the month.

* Reserved balance is necessary to avoid number disconnection. If You get less than 700 minutes of incoming calls and there is no money on account balance to pay monthly fee, funds on reserved balance will be used. If You disconnect number and received 700 minutes, reserved balance is refunded on main account balance.

Number Capabilities:

A Moscow number allows you to open a virtual office in Moscow —in just minutes!.   Your associates will dial your landline number, and you’ll receive the call wherever you are.

How to Pay:

We accept payments via any popular electronic system. Bank transfers available for organizations.