844 area code phone number

The following guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the 844 code.

What is an 844 area code?

844 is a toll-free code, similar to 800 number codes. Although some people refer to these prefixes as “area codes,” they often are not dedicated to specific locations in a particular area. These prefixes expand across multiple countries. The 844 code covers territories linked to North America covering the US, Canada, and further related countries. A prefix of 844 represents calls that are paid for by the recipient, rather than the caller. Often when one thinks of toll or free phone calling, they usually think of 800 numbers, however, 844 codes function similarly.

What location is the 844 code for?

As mentioned above, 844 is a toll-free number designated specifically for North America. This allows callers to contact you for free, from anywhere in the USA, Canada, and listed countries within the North American Numbering Plan. Callers who call a number with the code 844 are not charged since the call’s recipient, usually a business, covers the expense. The 844 code allows numbers to not be tied to any location such as a zip code. Business call centers or sales departments often leverage the 844 code. There is no particular city, region, or state associated with 844 prefixes. The location is not a consideration, in the same way as it is for other types of numbers.

Where can you get an 844 area code and who gets charged for the incoming call?

Zadarma offers 844 code numbers. The 844 numbers ensure calls are free of charge for callers from North American countries. The owner of the toll-free number is charged for the incoming calls. The cost of the incoming call depends ultimately on the region. All incoming calls to toll-free 844 numbers are billed per minute. Toll-free 844 numbers are often only for domestic calls. It is important to note that incoming calls to toll-free 844 numbers are charged, however incoming calls to all other Zadarma phone numbers are free. You can find more information about Zadarma 844 code numbers here.

How to set up an 844 code number?

The setup process is simple, with the right provider. Zadarma ensures the set process is easy by following these simple steps:

  • You simply need to register and top up your account with Zadarma
  • Zadarma will then offer a selection of 844 numbers for you to choose from
  • You select which 844 number you would like through this webpage
  • Click to connect and activate your new 844 number.
  • If you have a toll-free phone number in the United States, you can also port that number to Zadarma for free.

What are the advantages of having an 844 code for your business?

There are many advantages of utilizing an 844 area code number, including expanded client reach and improved brand recognition. The following advantages look at the benefits of using an 844 code number and why such codes can help your business.

1. Encourages customers to call

844 code numbers are universally recognized as being free to phone. This is attractive for customers as a free phone call invites the caller to contact and interact with your company as it is a free phone number. The free nature of the code attracts customers to use these lines more freely than a standard phone number. Customers are more likely to make the call to seek out information or make purchases since the number will incur no charge to them. This is highly beneficial to a business as the more calls you receive, the more leads you have for potential conversion.

2. Improved geographical reach

A free phone 844 code number can strengthen your company’s national image. By promoting your free phone number you reinforce a positive perception of your business. Customers or prospects will value this, marking your business’ commitment to offering quality customer service, and showing you value your customers from the off.

By having an 844 business number, you will improve your geographical reach. This will build customer confidence as they will recognize your business as established and national rather than small and local, reassuring them instantly. An 844 number isn’t restricted to geographical locations like local area codes are, and can remain the same even if you relocate your office. This improves accessibility for your customers and in turn can build customer trust, loyalty, and overall customer experience.

3. Affordable calling for North America

With the right VoIP provider and an effective 844+ number set up for your business, you can often save significant amounts on communication fees. You can ensure you keep your phone billing in accurate order, centralizing and organizing your phone call billings through one central 844 number. With an 844 code number from Zadarma, users will be charged a minimum monthly payment for incoming calls.

4. Highly convenient

Many businesses speak of the hassle-free benefits of having an 844 number set up. Whether you choose to have a toll-free or 844 number in the United States, you can have your new number forwarded to your existing landline number or mobile number if you are on the move. This avoids the need of having an additional phone line or installing any extra hardware equipment at all.

5. Additional communication benefits

The advantage of choosing a respected VoIP provider to activate your new 844 number, is that you often will be able to access their additional VoIP service features. In Zadarma’s case, along with your 844 number, users can access the Zadarma PBX phone system and its in-built additional calling features. Zadarma’s phone system features include call recording, the TeamsaleCRM, video conferencing, call queuing and call recording, and more.

The ease of connection and additional services will assist with the smooth and efficient running of your business. In turn, this will create a knock-on improvement, knowing that more calls will be answered for the benefit of both you and your customers.

6. Improved company image

Businesses with an 844 number often are seen to have a competitive edge over competitors. This is great for your business and useful for marketing too. You may promote your free phone 844 number on social media, in emails, or through advertising. 844 numbers are often deemed easier to remember so customers are more likely to make that call. The 844 area code’s toll-free feature shows a dedication to customer satisfaction and presents a professional business image, which in time can build trust and repeat rate of business with customers long term.

7. Marketing and lead tracking benefits

With a consistent 844 phone number set up, business owners can utilize lead tracking and analytics services to track calls and monitor the source of leads. Marketing managers may promote the 844 number on various media advertising. They can track how many calls and leads the number is generated by setting up simple call tracking. The use of a consistent number allows businesses to unlock critically important information around call duration, caller demographics, and lead source.

Through leveraging the lead data and insights, marketing leaders can optimize their Return On Investment (ROI) around their marketing campaigns to ensure they boost their lead funnel effectively. This information can be used to assess consumer behavior, gauge the success of marketing initiatives, and improve business tactics. Businesses can make wise decisions and enhance performance by acquiring insight into client interactions.

844 toll-free numbers

Why buy an 844 number with Zadarma?

Zadarma offers free toll-free and highly affordable access to 888, 877, 855, and 844 codes. Additionally, users have access to a wide range of VoIP phone services, all free of charge, including access to the PBX phone system, the Teamsale CRM, as well as call management features and speech analytics. Zadarma offers free call tracking for your marketing campaigns as well as call forwarding to another phone number or SIP server. Zadarma can port your number too. The portability of an 844 area code number is another significant advantage. 844 numbers can be forwarded to any phone line, including a standard landline, a mobile phone, or a virtual phone system, regardless of where your company is located.


If you are looking to expand your business in North America with a means to allow your customers to call you free of charge, plus are looking to foster a wider geographical presence, then a free phone 844 code number is a sensible solution. You can extend the reach of your business and increase client satisfaction and avoid your customers having to pay for their calls. With the press of a button, you can forward calls to local agents, making it incredibly easy to expand your business both at the domestic and international levels.