Zadarma API numbers and documents

Most businesses require end-user identification for effective number connection.Today we are discussing Zadarma’s API that allows your customers to connect numbers and submit their own ID verifications. With Zadarma’s API, you will be able to connect and manage virtual numbers from your own web interface without needing to go into your Zadarma personal account.

What are the API number features & methods?

  • Virtual number selection and country connection - method GET /v1/direct_numbers/countries/
  • Simple and effective connected numbers settings
  • Straight forward interaction around connected numbers - method GET /v1/direct_numbers/number/
  • Caller ID can be easily established - method PUT /v1/direct_numbers/set_caller_name/ - setting or enabling number Name (Roman alphabet and number, up to 30 symbols) textual number description, also transferred during incoming calls in the from field as CALLER ID(name).

It takes just 5 simple steps to connect a number via Zadarma’s API:

  1. Firstly, receive a to-date list of countries and destinations for connection, displaying them to the user
  2. Secondly, receive and display a list of numbers available to connect
  3. Then, specify language preference per number setting
  4. Create user group of documents (if not done before) and upload documents (if required)
  5. Connect a chosen number using the group of documents
  6. Route numbers to SIP login or SIP URI (set_sip_id)

Follow these simple set up steps in more detail here.

What are the API document features?

  • Groups document quickly and easily - method POST /v1/documents/groups/create/
  • Updates information in an existing group of documents - method PUT /v1/documents/groups/update//
  • Uploads document files of a group of documents - method POST /v1/documents/upload/
  • Handles shared documents often required for number connection

With Zadarma’s API, your business can connect numbers and submit caller ID verifications very quickly. This provides business efficiencies as well as optimises your customer’s experience, providing secure cloud telecommunication.

Your role is important to your customers. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers providing secure caller ID verification and quality number connections, at scale, globally. Check out the full instructions for our API methods for number connections and caller ID verification here: https://zadarma.com/en/support/instructions/api/numbers/

To take full advantage of Zadarma’s API’s, you first may need access to the Zadarma dealer account. If you do not have an account, you simply need to raise a ticket to notify our finance department.