Auto dialer

Outbound calls, emails and SMS play a crucial role in sales and marketing. Zadarma recently introduced automated tools to improve your communication and efficiency. From auto dialers to email marketing and SMS campaigns, our platform equips you with everything you need to connect with your target audience.

Optimize communication with Automatic Dialer

Automatic dialer optimizes calls by automating the process, helping businesses efficiently connect with customers. Zadarma's latest automated dialing feature allows you to make direct outbound calls from free Teamsale CRM.

How does it work?

Starting the automated calling process is simple with the Teamsale CRM provided by Zadarma as part of the PBX. You can streamline the process by adding your list of numbers. Additionally, you can select them directly from the Clients, Leads, or Calls sections within the CRM. This eliminates the need for manually dialing numbers, which can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with numerous calls.

Automated phone calls not only save valuable time but also allow you to reach more customers in a shorter time.

How can I begin using the auto dialer?

There are two ways:

  • From the CRM Webphone: Open the webphone and navigate to the "Auto dialer" tab. Here, users have the option to manually input numbers. They can also easily select contacts from the Calls, Leads, or Clients sections of the CRM interface.
  • In the Calls, Leads, or Clients section, you can select numbers directly from the respective menus. Simply mark the checkboxes next to the desired contacts. Then click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and select "Add to auto dialer list".

An automated calling system is a powerful tool that streamlines outbound communication processes.

Teamsale CRM offers the flexibility to add as many team members as you have extensions in your PBX. This ensures that each user has independent access to the CRM. It allows them to easily connect with their assigned contacts while maintaining clear boundaries and avoiding any mix-up with other users’ contacts.

Teamsale Auto Dialer

With Teamsale CRM, implementing call center automation is both simple and cost-effective.

What if the call is declined or not answered?

If a call is declined or unanswered, the automated dialer system waits five seconds before dialing the next number. The numbers with no answer remain in the list.

What if the call is answered?

Upon answering a call and having a conversation, the dialing pauses. This pause allows time to enter necessary information into the CRM or take a break. Clicking the “Continue calling” button resumes the process.

Phone numbers with successful conversations are removed from the list.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience and increase conversions. With email automation, you can easily streamline the process of creating and running automated email campaigns. Teamsale CRM simplifies mass emailing, providing customization options and a user-friendly interface. Automate your emails, save time, and reach more customers with Zadarma.

Teamsale Emailing

How can I create an email campaign?

    Add your email in “Settings - Mail” section in Teamsale CRM. You can add the maximum of 20 email addresses. To automatically create leads for incoming and outgoing emails to unknown addresses, check the corresponding boxes in a pop-up window.
  • In the same section, you can add the maximum of 5 signatures.
  • Make sure to add email addresses to your contact or lead profiles.
  • To initiate the campaign, select the necessary contacts from the Clients or Leads sections. After that, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and select "Emailing”.
    This will open a window where you can input the email text and select a signature. In this window, you can also add more recipients from your existing contacts or include external email addresses. Furthermore, you can customize the font, text color, and attach images or files as needed.
  • Teamsale Emailing integration

  • Once the mailing is complete, you'll see a notification in the upper right corner of your CRM account.

Please note: there's a limit of 100 recipients per campaign.

SMS campaigns

SMS campaigns are an effective way for businesses to engage with their audience. With CRM automation, you can create and execute targeted SMS campaigns easily. Teamsale CRM simplifies this process, allowing you to personalize messages and schedule delivery times. This helps effectively communicate promotions and updates to the customers.

How can I initiate an SMS campaign?

  • Navigate to the Clients, Leads, or Calls section and choose the desired contacts. You can add the maximum of 20 contacts per campaign.
  • Click on the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner, followed by selecting "Send SMS".
  • SMS

  • In the pop-up window, select a template if needed or write your own text. Please note that for most destinations, you need to select a template. You can submit your own template for approval in the "Services - SMS" section of your Zadarma account.
  • Select the sender. To add your own SenderID, go to the "Services - SMS" section in your Zadarma account and click on "Add SenderID". Follow the provided instructions.
  • Add SenderID

  • At the bottom of the pop-up window, you have the option to schedule delayed sending.

Spam prevention and Robocalling

The primary feature distinguishing Zadarma's automated tools system from spam calls, emails, and SMS is the absence of an uncontrolled flow. For calls, an operator must directly participate, as the system requires manual initiation of the automated calling process. After the called party answers, the operator engages in conversation, providing a personalized interaction.

Please note that Zadarma strictly prohibits robocalling. All calls must be made under human supervision and interaction.

Additionally, there is a limit of 100 contacts for email campaigns and 20 contacts for SMS campaigns at a time. For both processes, the initiation must be performed manually. Also, there is a limit of 100 contacts for email campaigns and 20 contacts for SMS campaigns at a time.

How much does it cost?

Zadarma offers these tools free of charge as part of Teamsale CRM. You'll only incur charges for outgoing calls and SMS based on our rates.

With Zadarma, save both time and money by automating your call center operations and customer communications.

Transform your call center with Zadarma's automated tools. Sign up now or reach out to our support team for more information.