Calling Ireland

Making calls to Ireland can be expensive if you do not reside there. In order to avoid international roaming charges then it's often sensible to consider a cost friendly calling solution. VoIP has been sighted as one of the most sensible and affordable solutions that exists today when callers need to make regular calls to Ireland from the US, Europe and beyond.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that facilitates voice-based phone calls using an internet connection instead of using local hardwire traditional phones. Voice over IP converts your voice into a digital signal, compresses it, and sends it over the internet. VoIP technology is sophisticated in that it transfers audio, which doesn’t require a physical connection point to transmit voice signals. VoIP powered virtual numbers make calls to Ireland simple, easy, and seamless.

How can you get a virtual number for Ireland?

A virtual phone number is a number that is not tied to a physical location or address. When someone calls a virtual number, they dial a phone number managed by a VoIP phone system and this allows for calls to be made and received using this number from any device, from anywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

What types of virtual numbers can you get for calling Ireland?

Zadarma offers a variety of virtual phone numbers including local, national and toll-free numbers for calling Ireland. Users are able to receive calls to virtual phone numbers online, or forward them to any other phone.

  • Local area code numbers for Ireland - These numbers are VoIP enabled virtual numbers with an associated local area code. When a user calls the local virtual number, they dial a phone number managed by the virtual phone system. From there, the call is instantly routed through the internet to the recipient who doesn’t have to reside in the local area.
  • Toll-free numbers for Ireland - A toll-free number isn’t restricted to geographical locations like local area codes are. A toll-free number will give customers confidence that your business will serve them, no matter where they are located. This will strengthen your company’s national image and attract customer calling. By promoting your free phone number, it will create a positive perception, showing that you are committed to offering quality customer service. By having a free phone business number in Ireland, you will improve your national reach.
  • National virtual numbers for Ireland - National virtual numbers allow you to use a national number without requiring you to have a physical landline phone. They are only linked to the device you are using and not the geographic area it’s assigned. This means that if you are looking to call Ireland regularly then you can use your national Irish virtual number to call Ireland from anywhere in the world from any device, even if you are not physically located there. Call responders receiving the call will not know they are getting a call from a virtual number.

If you are looking to gain a sense of presence in Ireland then a virtual number can help you do this. For instance, you may be interested in setting up a virtual office in one of the major cities in Ireland, such as Belfast, Cork or Dublin. A virtual number is quick and easy to connect.

Irish phone numbers

Advantages of setting up a virtual number for calling Ireland

  1. Avoid roaming charges

    The winning benefit of owning a virtual number for Ireland is that you avoid roaming charges. Traditional phone lines are expensive, whereas virtual numbers can help you run your business operations seamlessly. Zadarma offers highly affordable monthly and annual subscriptions that offer flexibility for scaling businesses. As long as you have enough funds in your account, you can continue to use your virtual number.
  2. No need for hardwiring and equipment

    A virtual number does not require any physical hard wiring. You can switch between numbers or discontinue using a number without incurring additional costs. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make calls via smartphone or desktop application, or forward calls to Irish numbers even without an internet connection. You can also receive SMS messages via email, Slack, Facebook messenger, Telegram or directly in your Zadarma account.
  3. Additional VoIP features

    Zadarma offers all registered users access to the PBX phone system and additional VoIP features.The PBX system provides a turn-key phone solution that is quick and cost effective to introduce. Zadarma PBX has an abundance of features including CRM, call transfer, call recording, forwarding, call routing, voicemail, call management, speech analytics, voicemail and video conferencing. Zadarma’s PBX integrates with a variety of application, financial software and CRM solutions like Hubspot, Microsoft Teams and many more. These integrations lower manual work and cut business costs. This also enhances functionality and streamlines communication processes. With effective integrations, you can also simplify customer interactions and lead follow-ups.
  4. Virtual numbers provide scalability

    The beauty of a virtual number is that it provides scalability as your business grows. Conveniently, you can add a new line as soon as you add a new team or family member. Equally if you need to scale down, you can just as easily reassign the existing line or remove it completely.
  5. Professional positioning

    With a virtual number for Ireland you can specify the number of working hours. While virtual numbers allocated to people can have 9am-6pm opening hours, a client support number may require ‘always on’ availability. You can forward your virtual number to a voicemail or an out of hours agent, to ensure no call ever gets missed. This provides a sufficiently strong foundation to build a solid customer services strategy around.
  6. Call analytics

    Virtual phone numbers are easy to operate and these numbers can hold powerful analytics. Call data often reveals a range of insights to assist in better call performance and management. Users can identify the number of calls, time of call, source of call, and much more. Virtual numbers and a call analytics tool is a powerful pairing. Zadarma’s PBX offers call analytics as a free feature to all registered users. Zadarma’s call analytics allows managers to monitor the full buying cycle with the ability to prioritise and score leads, monitor sales performance and team performance through the intuitive call analytics dashboard.

How can Zadarma help make calls to Ireland simple and affordable?

Zadarma provides an easy to use virtual number service. If you are looking to deliver regular business with Ireland, then a local, national or toll-free virtual number will naturally expand the reach of your business. Whether you are calling Ireland from the UK, US or somewhere in the EU, Zadarma’s virtual number service makes international calling highly affordable and simple to use. This virtual number service does not incur hidden charges. The virtual calling service offers various price plans for calls to Ireland, with the standard price plan starting at £2.70 / month. This allows up to 5 users to access Zadarma’s Teamsale CRM system and additional PBX phone system features. Beyond being economical, Zadarma’s virtual number service for Ireland offers advanced call management features and functionalities, ensuring making calls to Ireland is hassle-free and cost-friendly.

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