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A quick phone call is often the most effective and convenient way to stay in touch with your international customers, suppliers and remote teams. A VoIP solution provides the flexibility to communicate wherever you are in the world, taking the audio voice signals from speech and turning them into digital data which is then transmitted through an internet connection. A virtual number through a VoIP solution will not limit your business to a specific geographical location, providing endless benefits to any scaling regional, national or international business.

But why do you need a virtual phone number?

  • If your business has many clients or customers located in different countries or cities it's often best practice to allow local inbound calls via a local phone number with local area code. Clients and partners will call you on their local phone number, while you can be located anywhere in the world.
  • You can open a virtual office anywhere. Virtual phone numbers allow you to establish a presence in areas where you're not physically located while also reducing the cost of your incoming calls.
  • Having a virtual phone number in that country improves your local customer experience.

Advantage of VoIP systems for united international communication:

  1. Cheaper international calls

    International calls using cost effective VoIP are inexpensive, and in some cases free. A toll-free telephone number is provided. An international customer can call your toll-free numbers free of charge. This is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. Many believe that VoIP will soon replace landline phones entirely as there is no need for extra hardware since broadband powers the service. This makes international calling through VoIP a smart, cost effective way to communicate for global businesses.

  2. Better quality international calls

    Using the internet to make and receive international calls can give higher call quality with less interference. You do not need to rely on a traditional telephone line or phone signal, an issue that many busy professionals find, particularly when abroad.

  3. Additional communication features

    There are endless added VoIP feature benefits to a Cloud PBX solution for international calling. It not only assists in improving business efficiencies and customer satisfaction but also improves customer service management and processes. Additional features such as call forwarding, call recording, call logs, voicemail to email services, video conferencing and CRM integration make it easier to track international conversations carried out by remote regional teams.

  4. Flexible, mobile solution

    Companies using a VoIP system for international communication have the great advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers or extensions. If you're going to be away from the office and still need to make and receive calls, VoIP is completely portable. You can use the same number wherever you go. This is helpful for those business professionals who travel frequently or where you may need to change office location and address. The office number will remain the same. Customers can always reach you by calling their local phone number (without being overcharged for making international calls), even if you are away on a business trip.

Why choose Zadarma for your international call solution?

  • Zadarma phone numbers are multi-channel. Customers can always reach you so you will never need to miss a single incoming call.
  • Zadarma offers excellent rates and is recognised for offering more than 30,000 phone numbers in 100 countries. The Zadarma Office and Corporate Price Plans provide free virtual numbers within both phone packages.
  • Zadarma provides a free cloud PBX allowing you to set up a cost-effective phone system for your business, providing a superior service to your local regional clients.
  • Zadarma provides you with flexibility. Your office can change its geographical location while retaining all of the existing company phone numbers.

Virtual communication like VoIP presents endless opportunities for international businesses and dispersed remote regional teams. It provides a cost effective, convenient and unified communication solution that will improve your customer satisfaction and ease remote working practices and management.