Zadarma UK European roaming

There have been various announcements from leading mobile UK network providers including Three, EE and Vodafone this year (2021). They are all reintroducing roaming charges between the UK and Europe. Mobile operators have said they are under pressure from rising wholesale costs, which can be much higher for UK networks. Under EU rules, citizens can use their contract's minutes, texts, and data while roaming in the EU, however, the Brexit trade deal did not include this, so this is no longer the case. However, UK law has now enforced the capping of roaming charges at £45 per month, unless the user explicitly decides to spend more.

When we take a closer look, the surge in roaming fees could be fairly extensive in some cases. For instance, customers who have taken out a new or upgraded contract after a certain date, will have to pay as much as £2 a day to use their monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data in the EU. Mobile network providers will extend changes to other destinations, introducing a £5 a day charge in some instances, for roaming outside Europe.

This significant shift by UK mobile network providers effectively ends any roaming campaign that these networks once promoted. This barrier now presents a significant reason to consider having a virtual number to reduce European roaming charges.

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn't bound to a fixed location. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, often through VoIP phones. Virtual numbers can be a huge help for UK businesses looking to make calls across the EU to avoid roaming charges. Expats can also benefit from a virtual number to achieve effective and affordable international calling.

With a trusted provider like Zadarma, you can set up a virtual phone system in a few minutes. All you would need is a laptop and a good internet connection. Zadarma offers widespread geographical coverage of virtual phone numbers, with more than 30,000 phone numbers available across 100 countries.

What does Zadarma’s virtual number price plan look like?

Zadarma offers call price plans, which allow for highly affordable international calling through accessible virtual numbers without the additional mobile roaming charges.

Zadarma EU bundles prices

Thanks to the international virtual numbers, you can stay in touch with your EU family and business connections, without scaling your phone bill.

What are the benefits of a virtual number for EU communications?

  1. Avoid roaming Charges - The most relevant and obvious benefit! With a virtual phone number set up, users simply need to make and receive calls through their designated online virtual number to avoid tapping into roaming charges. This number can be diverted to your mobile, to allow you to receive calls on the go.
  2. Cheaper calling rates - The reduced calling rates is one of the most important benefits of an international virtual number over a traditional UK mobile. Virtual numbers use fewer resources and they are far less expensive than traditional mobile calls.
  3. Quick and easy to set up and maintain - Traditional phone lines can be difficult to set up and maintain in particular if you are based far from the provider. VoIP, in comparison, is straightforward to set up and configure without the help of a tech consultant or IT representative. There is no hardware or wiring required as you use your broadband connection to activate calls in and out.
  4. A virtual number can offer video calling - If you consider a provider like Zadarma, you can also access their video calls and video conferencing facility through your virtual number too. Having face time with your family or business associates has proven engagement benefits, far outweighing a flakey expensive mobile phone call. You can take your time through virtual meetings and avoid roaming rates.
  5. Virtual numbers provide scalability - The beauty of a virtual number through a VoIP provider is it does not require additional expenses, whether you’re adding or removing users. Conveniently, you can add a new line as soon as you add a new team or family member. Equally, if you need to scale down, you can just as easily reassign the existing line or remove it completely.

Today, a virtual phone number is a simple, affordable solution that can help expand your business and personal communications, beyond the confines of a traditional phone line. A reliable affordable telephone communication system is one tool every business should have. Why not consider a virtual phone number for your business or personal use to avoid the looming EU roaming charges that will soon come into force.