German virtual phone numbers

If you are a business looking to make regular calls to Germany at an affordable rate, then this article is a must read.

What is a virtual number and how can this be used to make calls to Germany?

Many international businesses are leveraging the advantage of using virtual phone numbers to make and receive calls to Europe and beyond. A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn't bound to a fixed location. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, often via VoIP phones or VoIP applications. For instance, if you are a UK business looking to attract German customers, then with a virtual number in place you can make and receive calls from Germany, as well as across the EU, avoiding roaming charges.

With a German virtual number, you have the power to stay reachable at all times from anywhere in the world. Zadarma offers wide spread geographical coverage of virtual phone numbers, with more than 30,000 phone numbers available across 100 countries.

How easy is it to set up a German virtual number?

You will need to register via Zadarma’s registration process to access and set up your German virtual number. The registration process is accessed via the Zadarma website here:


The setup process takes a matter of minutes and is straightforward. You simply need to follow these steps below, depending on whether you require the virtual number for business or personal use.

To connect a virtual number you need to upload the following documents in the user interface:

For businesses

  1. Upload your Commercial Register (Handelsregisterauszug or Gewerbeanmeldung) - Please note that your address will need to match the city you are requesting a number from.
  2. Upload a recent copy of a utility bill - This can be a rental, internet or electricity related invoice

For individual users

  1. Upload your National ID-card or Travel passport (Reisepass)
  2. Upload your Registration Address Form (Meldebescheinigung) - The address must match the city you are requesting a number from

How to connect your German phone number?

The activation of your new German phone will happen automatically once the information you provide Zadarma has been verified. You then have access to your German phone number and can then connect your numbers. You will need to top up your account to an amount equal to the connection fee and the monthly fee for the first month (in the Top-up section of your Zadarma personal account).

What type of virtual German numbers does Zadarma offer?

Zadarma offers virtual numbers for over 60 cities across Germany, at highly affordable call rates. Zadarma offers two different types of virtual numbers to allow you make affordable calls to Germany:

  • Local Germany Phone Numbers - This is a national DE phone number that will have the German prefix ‘+49’ and will allow you to open a virtual office in Germany.
  • Germany Free Phone Numbers or Toll-free Numbers - Free phone or toll-free numbers in Germany can be used more broadly, nationwide as they are not connected to a certain city and free for anyone in the country to call. Zadarma offers a free ‘800 number’ or Toll free numbers.

Advantages of a German virtual number for your business

Having a German virtual number for your business will quite simply make business calling more accessible. From a business point of view a virtual local number instantly imposes a feeling of presence in a specific geographic area. Setting up a German number holds huge business advantages. A virtual number routes your incoming calls from designated regions or countries to individuals or businesses you wish to make contact with. Virtual phone numbers are quick and easy to set up and can be forwarded to any phone, anywhere in the world. With a virtual phone number for Germany in place, you will be able to stay close to your German clients, vendors, and prospects.

If your business sits outside Germany, then a virtual number with the German prefix +49, offers significant benefits. Additional advantages are listed below:

  1. Builds trust and establishes local credibility within Germany
  2. Provides remote working and geographical flexibility
  3. Improves customer experience through offering a personalized service with German voicemail and German based voice greetings
  4. Improves pick-up rates for outbound calls during relevant working hours and DE timezone
  5. Allows your business to expand and reach your German target market, increasing business opportunities
  6. Boosts conversion rates with higher call pickup rates.

What are the benefits of setting up a German virtual number with Zadarma?

Zadarma can offer added benefits beyond just providing you with a German business number. Through registering with Zadrama you will have full access to the PBX phone system, which will unlock a whole host of calling features to empower your business. Zadarma’s free PBX is suitable for all businesses no matter their size and regardless of employee usage. This phone system is recognised by business leaders as a seamless communication solution. It is easy to set up and simple to use without the need for heavy hardware and wiring. The PBX allows you to connect vast amounts of phone numbers to regions, which is highly convenient for your clients and direct calls to appropriate employees. Below showcases just some of the call features you can access, free of charge, when registering for a German virtual number with Zadarma.

1. Call forwarding

With a German virtual number, you can access Zadarma’s call forwarding feature. Call forwarding allows you to direct a call to a mobile or landline number. Call forwarding is required to receive calls without additional programs, equipment or internet connection. Call forwarding is very simple to enable. With unconditional forwarding, the call will go straight to the forwarding number, regardless of an active program you are using.

2. Call recording

As a registered Zadarma member, you will be able to access the call recording feature. You can be set up for PBX extension lines with call records sent by email or stored in the cloud. Zadrama offers this feature free for up to 3 extensions. The virtual phone system allows you to record and forward calls as well as monitor, control and analyse call performance through the built in statistics feature.

3. Incoming call scenario settings

Zadarma’s PBX offers a useful voice menu feature which allows sales and customer service teams to set call routing aligning to working hours, timezone and availability. Incoming call scenarios are a group of extension numbers that will receive incoming calls in a specific situation, for instance timezone or cities.

4. iOS and Android applications

Zadarma offers Android & iOS smartphone apps that can be used with or without the cloud PBX. You can therefore utilize these apps when traveling abroad. Smart push notifications notify you when you receive a call, your mobile is pinged and the app activated so you can accept the call.

5. Video conferencing

Zadarma offers a free video conferencing solution to all registered PBX users. To set up a video call only one participant is required to register or be a Zadarma user. You can share the link provided to those attending the conference call to commence the video call.

In summary

Zadarma’s cloud PBX provides a turn-key business phone solution. It is perfect for remote and international virtual offices under one telephone network, with its virtual phone number and toll-free number connections to anywhere in the world. Virtual numbers make for an incredibly economical way to deliver international calls. If you are a business based outside of Germany and are looking to reach prospects in the local vicinity, you ultimately require a virtual phone number with the +49 prefix. Having a local German phone number will boost business credibility, whilst at the same time it will reduce long-distance call fees.