The businesses that can analyze correctly and use multiple applications for correct operational activities and customer records usually prevail in competitive markets. Frequently, independently developed programs are responsible for that. And in general, numerous (for example) modern CRM-systems are systems that have initially been developed for a certain task, and then thanks to their convenience and functionality launched in the market as a separate product.

The question of integrating someone’s system with telephony (which is to this day the most popular communication channel between a business and a client) keeps rising. Zadarma Cloud PBX is gladly meeting those requests.

We have published a detailed instruction on our website for developers that would like to integrate a phone system with their own system, whether it is CRM/ERP/Desk or other systems with the help of API. Work with API can be done via POST- or GET- requests from the CRM side to Zadarma API or through a system of call notifications sent by our API to the CRM.

All integration methods and detailed instructions you can find on the manual page, here we will discuss the main points.

Main integration features and opportunities:

  1. Calls from your system’s interface;
  2. Notifications of incoming and outgoing calls with a pop-up client card;
  3. Automatic contact, lead and deal creation during a call with a new client;
  4. Call statistics and recordings;
  5. Automatic direction of an incoming call from an existent client to the responsible manager;
  6. Client name display on your IP-phone during an incoming call;
  7. Missed calls notifications;
  8. Ability to use a blacklist for calls.
CRM Zadarma

Opportunity for systems with a large coverage

If there are over 1000+ clients that use your system and you have added an integration with Zadarma, our specialists are ready to test the integration and place manual on the main page and in the personal account with a link to your system, as well as offer you special partner conditions.