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Calling Mexico from the US or somewhere else in the world, is much simpler than you might think. With the right international calling solution in place, you can avoid hefty international call rates. Calling Mexico, from another country, via a traditional phone line can be costly. If you do not reside in Mexico, but wish to make regular calls there, then the easiest, most cost-effective solution is to register with a VoIP provider. You must be careful to select a provider who covers Mexico and can provide you with a Mexican virtual phone number. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to access Zadarma’s international virtual numbers or freephone (toll-free) numbers. Zadarma provides users with the opportunity to connect a phone number in Mexico to your mobile phone, PC, SIP gate, office PBX, or to any other device that supports SIP. In addition, you can forward your virtual phone number to any country, free of charge or for a small charge.

Having a virtual number allows you to freely call other countries across time zones using any device via an internet connection. From a business point of view a virtual local number instantly imposes a feeling of presence in a specific geographic area, so setting one up, holds huge business advantages. A virtual number routes your incoming calls from designated regions or countries to individuals or businesses you wish to make contact with. Virtual phone numbers are quick and easy to set up and can be forwarded to any phone, anywhere in the world. With a virtual phone number for Mexico in place, you will be able to stay close to your clients, vendors, and prospects by choosing a local area code. You can strategically select your Mexico phone number area code, for instance, selecting a Mexican city of choice. The first few digits of your Mexico number identify’s what region the phone number is based out of.

How to get a Mexico Area Code

Mexican phone numbers are prefixed with a variety of area destination codes depending on where you wish to call. If you’re aware of where the individual you wish to call resides, you must be able to determine which area code to use. Zadarma provides you with the ability to set up your virtual number and forward it to any country for free. For Mexico specifically, Zadarma offers a vast variety of numbers for the following destinations.

01744 Acapulco

01449 Aguascalientes

01998 Cancun

01656 Cdad Juarez

01834 Cdad Victoria

01461 Celaya

01614 Chihuahua

01644 Ciudad Obregon

01271 Cordoba

01777 Cuernavaca

01667 Culiacan

01618 Durango

01646 Ensenada

0133 Guadalajara

01622 Guaymas

01662 Hermosillo

01462 Irapuato

01477 Leon

01868 Matamoros

01669 Mazatlan

01999 Merida

01686 Mexicali

0155 Mexico City

0181 Monterrey

01443 Morelia

01631 Nogales

01867 Nuevo Laredo

01272 Orizaba

01771 Pachuca De Soto

01878 Piedras Negras

01222 Puebla

01442 Queretaro

01899 Reynosa

01844 Saltillo

01444 San Luis Potosi

01833 Tampico

01311 Tepic

01664 Tijuana

01722 Toluca

01871 Torreon

01229 Veracruz

01228 Xalapa

01492 Zacatecas

How to make a call to Mexico using VoIP

Making business calls or getting in touch with your customers in Mexico from outside of the country is quick and easy, with a virtual number in place. You can follow these 3 simple steps to get started:

  1. Register with Zadarma (VoIP Phone Virtual Number Provider)

  2. You first need to register on the Zadarma website and log into your personal account. Zadarma offers local numbers to most Mexican cities, so you have a variety of local codes to choose from. You can find a full list of the Mexican cities here.

  3. Top up your phone account

  4. Top up your account to an amount equal to the connection fee and the monthly fee for the first month (in the Top-up section of your personal account). It is often recommended that you prepay a number to ensure you have enough credit before you make a call. There are some providers who may block your number if you do not have enough funds against your account.

  5. Choose your Mexico Area Code and Virtual Number

  6. Go to the “Settings - Virtual Phone numbers” section and order the phone number. Once you have selected your ideal VoIP provider, and topped up your account, you then need to select your virtual Mexico phone number. This process can take as little as a few minutes and is usually straightforward. You will need to choose a suitable number and area code, for instance, the closest city from which you want your number to be located. You will often need to upload necessary documents if required, and top up your account to allow for instant use. Your virtual phone number will be linked to your VoIP account, so you can manage calls and texts from any device that your VoIP phone system supports.

Zadarma offers two different types of virtual numbers to allow you make calls to Mexico:

Local Mexico Phone Numbers - This is a local number that will allow you to open a virtual office in most cities around the world. You just need to make sure your VoIP provider offers the area code you require.

Mexico Free Phone Numbers or Toll-free Numbers - Free phone or toll-free numbers can be used more broadly, nationwide as they are not connected to a certain city and free for anyone in the country to call. Zadarma offers a free ‘800 number’ or Toll-free numbers. More information can be found here.

What are the benefits of having a Mexico phone number while overseas?

If you are a business that has customers or prospective customers based within Mexico, then it is wise to consider introducing a phone number with a Mexico-related area code. International businesses often have a shared objective of long-term growth and local presence in the countries they wish to deliver business within. When setting up a presence in a new market, like Mexico, it doesn’t always have to mean investing in a physical office location and a local team on the ground. Quite simply, establishing an international local Mexico phone number provides the best solution. It enables you to take international calls and have local awareness in-market from your existing business location.

Here is a quick summary of benefits for owning a local Mexico Virtual number through a VoIP phone system provider.

  • Enjoy hassle-free, high-quality calling
  • Make phone calls from anywhere
  • Leverage low-cost local area code numbers along with toll-free phone numbers
  • Leverage wider VoIP phone system features, while on the go including call forwarding and voicemail
  • Enjoy the easy set up, turn-key solution for international calling
  • Build a local presence for your business while not residing locally in Mexico

Zadarma provides international calling rates at highly reasonable prices, making it incredibly economical to deliver international calls. If you are a business based outside of Mexico and are looking to reach prospects in the local vicinity, you ultimately require a virtual phone number with a Mexico area code. Having a local Mexico phone number will boost brand credibility, whilst at the same time it will reduce long-distance call fees.

Get Mexico virtual number

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