Working from home with kids

The impact of the coronavirus has exposed a very important factor: many companies are not prepared to move their employees to remote working, but when the government closes schools and kids are sent home there is no other option. The problem has been especially apparent for those who need workers to be on the phone to receive/make calls.

Many companies cannot afford to miss a single call, it can be because they base their business on attracting leads in this way, or they have a customer service center, etc. The cost, in time and money, of redirecting all the calls to employees’ personal numbers - let's not forget that incoming calls that usually cost us nothing, are charged for as normal outgoing calls when redirected to another number - would add to the significant losses businesses may have to face now.

How to send employees with children home and still receive calls

If your staff is leaving the office, a solution must be found so that when customers call you, they can contact the necessary department at any time. The problem that occurs is that these emergency situations, in which schools are closed, are not only unforeseen, but also occur almost instantaneously.

Whether a company wants to prepare in advance or needs it right now, the good news is that it is possible to do it in just a few minutes and at a minimal cost - in fact, with options such as the Zadarma Cloud PBX it can be absolutely free.

The first step has two options: you can either port the company number to Zadarma or connect a virtual number that you will display on your social media channels, send to your clients via a newsletter, or put on the website.

With this virtual number you will only have to set up Cloud PBX, where we can assign extensions to all employees, establish a voice menu that will guide customers and route calls to appropriate departments, and much more. This way customers will continue to call a fixed number, even though the employees are not in the office. They can continue working, receiving and making calls with just their device connected to the Internet. And on top you receive advantages like call recordings, statistics, etc.

And all this, as we’ve mentioned, from $0 and, with the maximum cost, in the case you choose Office or Corporate price plan, is between $22 and $88 per month. And now we have introduced a 50% discount on Office EU and USA/Canada price plans. To enjoy the discount, just enter the promo code on the payment page in your personal account: RemoteOfficeUS for Office USA/Canada or RemoteOfficeEU for Office EU.

With cloud telecom allows you to act responsibly in regards to your employees, and by extension to the society, so that they can attend to their family needs at the same time that they contribute to stopping the COVID 19 pandemic since they will be able to stay at home and work remotely. Maybe your company will discover that thanks to VoIP and a virtual PBX, it can save money, give more flexibility to its employees and protect the business with no fear of force majors.