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The adoption of VoIP in 2020 has skyrocketed. P&S Intelligence sighted recently that the VoIP software market is likely to surpass $30,441 Million by 2025. We are witnessing an accelerated adoption across the world. The increasing benefits of VoIP for both business and personal use, across the globe is clear. You may be asking yourself some of these questions during your VoIP discovery to sign up and purchase stage:

  • Is your company expanding and outgrowing its current phone system?
  • Are you looking to open up communication during the pandemic to allow your remote workforce to continue to operate?
  • Do you want a phone system with more features to scale your growing business?
  • Or are you simply looking to bring costs down?

If these questions are relevant for your search, then you will have realised that Voice over IP, an internet-based and controlled voice and data communications platform is ideal for your situation. The shift in the preference towards hosted cloud-based VoIP solutions is a significant trend for 2020. Cloud-based phone systems enable enterprises to manage communication services more effectively and scale up or down according to business needs providing a highly agile convenient solution.

There are some clear leaders in the VoIP marketplace and today we are taking a quick glance of a handful of key players as a reminder.

Zadarma: Affordable, international, easy to use, full service VoIP provider.

Zadarma is ideal for individuals, small businesses and medium to large enterprises. As a well-established VoIP provider, Zadarma is recognised as a trusted, affordable cloud-based phone system, offering virtual numbers from over 100 countries. Zadarma is known for its ease of use and quick set up process, along with its raft of free extended features including CRM integration, video conferencing, call tracking and IVR. Most recently HubSpot recommended Zadarma within its top 30 app partners. Zadarma is a well established, well-supported provider. An accessible, affordable, internationally available VoIP solution for all.

Nextiva: Easy to use VoIP provider (USA only).

Although Nextiva is only available in the US, it is fast being recognised within the market. The system is simple to get up and running and the online portal is easy to navigate. Should you have a Nextiva phone, you can utilise the same calling features. Nextiva does not offer an international service, however, they do support some Canadian phone numbers. This solution would suit businesses who centralise their communication and growth strategy within the US and Canada.

Vonage: Scalable VoIP provider suitable for growing business / larger companies.

Vonage offers a hardware VoIP solution which can be connected via phone, offering call forwarding & call transfer to a mobile or landline. The Vonage solution is most suitable to a growing business or larger business as it is highly scalable, but extra features do incur additional costs.

8x8: Attractive to small businesses

Similar to other leading providers, 8x8’s cloud communications and customer engagement solution features include voice, contact centre, video conferencing and other unified communications features. Their most basic plan, 8x8 Express is available from $12 per month per user however additional features are often required, so as mentioned before, be aware of the additional costs that may naturally incur.

There has been a growing focus within organisations to enhance productivity pre and during the global pandemic. Digital and business transformations are new leaps for some organisations. The many advantages of a VoIP system are the key factors driving the impressive growth of the sector. VoIP solutions help enhance the overall productivity of an organisation. This has enabled the organisation to allocate funds, which are otherwise spent on traditional hardware, such as hardware-based IP phones or hard phones, and traditional phone bills, to other important aspects of the business.

Zadarma has sighted before that business transformation trends in 2020 show an increase in two key business operational areas from Covid which has inspired accelerated new VoIP user registrations in 2020. These are:

  1. Remote working and remote communication
  2. Digital transformation

The continuation of Covid-led national and local lockdowns are causing a collective rethink in the way companies operate. Unified VoIP communications has moved from being just a nice-to-have to a business essential solution as remote working and remote operations are here to stay.