Video Conferencing Teamsale CRM

A CRM system is a multifunctional Customer Relationship Management system. Integrating your VoIP solution with your CRM enables any member of your customer service or sales team to provide a more personalised customer service experience to each inbound and outbound client call. A video conference, quite simply, is an online meeting that takes place over the internet. Utilising a simple, unified video conferencing solution with screen sharing empowers remote and dispersed teams to collaborate. However, finding a solution that provides a seamless video conferencing experience whilst within your VoIP and CRM environment can often be tricky. There are a variety of providers who offer this integration.

Zadarma has been well-placed to serve this increase in virtual communication through their free Cloud CRM solution, Teamsale CRM. Teamsale CRM can assist with automating all key processes, including offering video conferencing, within the standard VoIP package at no additional charge. Teamsale CRM is fully integrated with Zadarma telephony and PBX and is suitable for all businesses no matter their size and regardless of employee usage. The cloud-based CRM solution helps you keep track of relationships with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance providing a clear review on team accountability and effectiveness. Teamsale CRM allows users to:

  • Create and manage teams
  • Create, monitor and complete tasks
  • Recognise each client that calls you
  • Manage clients, employees and leads, delegating and forwarding calls
  • Call straight from the CRM web-interface or from a softphone
  • There has been a significant increase in the usage of video conferencing in 2020 as the pandemic forces meetings and calls to be conducted virtually. This adoption of video conferencing has motivated and refreshed businesses and professionals working behaviours and practices. It has reinforced the importance of virtual face to face communication to build relationships and progress business growth opportunities and operations, continuing to keep us more connected, productive and engaged with our clients and teams.

    Pairing Teamsale CRM with a video conferencing solution like Zadarma, is proven to provide a stronger connected communication experience. Teamsale CRM is a simple, uncomplicated solution and is supported across browsers, smartphones and tablets. To set up a video call, only one participant is required to register. They then share the link provided to them with the rest of the team to commence the video call.

    The benefits to Zadarma’s virtual communication solution include:

    • Simultaneous communication of up to 100 participants
    • Video and audio encryption
    • High HD communication
    • Instant access from any device
    • Screen sharing
    • Messaging and file sharing in the chat
    • Unlimited conference time

    It takes close to zero effort to hold a video conference with your clients, leads or team members using Teamsale CRM. All you need to do create a new task (or change an old one), choose a type Video Conference and add all members. Once the task is created, every participant will receive an invitation with a link included. Video conferences can be accessed straight from a browser without additional registrations.

    Selecting a VoIP provider who can offer a simple CRM and video conferencing as an integrated solution can provide huge cost and time savings. All meetings are automatically synced to your respective leads, you can see clearly past and upcoming meetings in the context of your other phone calls, emails, and notes. This integration provides a solution where all information is together in one place, no missed meetings or confusion and provides a transparent end to end video communication and customer service management solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective CRM and video conferencing system, check out the free Teamsale CRM today.