Zadarma visual voicemail

Whether you're a busy professional handling many client calls, visual voicemail ensures you don't miss any voice messages. Or if you're a person managing both work and personal life, visual voicemail also helps you stay connected.

This innovative feature captures audio messages and presents them visually by transcribing the voicemail message to text.

Experience the future of voicemail with Zadarma, where communication meets innovation.

Manage your missed calls

Managing missed calls can be challenging, leading to missed opportunities and frustrated customers. However, with visual voicemail, processing this flow becomes more manageable.

Visual voicemail offers users easy access to written transcripts. This feature is accessible through Zadarma account, Zadarma iOS and Android application, email, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Slack. This allows them to swiftly identify and prioritize important messages.

Additionally, transcribed voicemails to text can be accessed within our free Teamsale CRM, where they are attached to the corresponding lead or customer card.

Voicemail transcription feature not only reduces response time but also enhances customer satisfaction, ensuring that no call goes unnoticed. Zadarma PBX visual voicemail helps you manage missed calls easily and maintain seamless communication with your customers.

To enable this feature, access your Zadarma account and go to the “My PBX - Extensions” section. You can activate voicemail and transcription for each extension. In the extension settings, go to “Call recording and recognition” settings, where you can select automatic or manual recognition.

Call recording and recognition setup

Automatic speech recognition: This feature transcribes all voicemail messages automatically.

Manual recognition: By enabling this feature, you can manually select which voicemail messages need to be transcribed from call statistics.

Without recognition: Voicemail messages will not be transcribed.

To set up voicemail, enable “Call Forwarding and Voicemail” for the extension. Choose the necessary condition and mark “Voicemail” under “Call forwarding for”.

Call Forwarding and Voicemail setup

Activate voicemail during off-hours

Activating voicemail during off-hours shows your customers that you value their calls. Quickly handle all voicemails to address customer questions and feedback promptly, boosting satisfaction. Use keyword searches in your email or messaging apps to quickly find and respond to important messages.

You can activate voicemail during off-hours in your Zadarma account. Proceed to the “My PBX - Incoming calls and IVR” section, and then select the “Set up” button located under “Working hours”.

What other purposes can you use Visual Voicemail for?

  • Do Not Disturb (DND): Visual voicemail is handy when you prefer not to be disturbed.
  • Busy Moments: Weather during meetings, driving or just being busy, visual voicemail comes in handy when for various reasons you are unable to answer calls.
  • Call Rejection: Use visual voicemail to handle incoming calls that you want to reject without the caller feeling ignored.
  • Multitasking: Visual voicemail lets you concentrate on important tasks without interruptions. You can check missed calls and messages at your convenience.

How can Voicemail transcription serve your business?

Improved Efficiency: By converting voicemail messages into text format, it allows employees to quickly scan and prioritize messages without the need to listen to lengthy recordings. This improvement in efficiency ensures that important inquiries or requests are addressed promptly.


Time saving: This conversion process saves valuable time, ensuring rapid response to critical messages. Additionally, transcribed voicemails are easy to search, helping retrieve essential information and improving time management.

Inclusion and accessibility: Voicemail transcription creates written transcripts of messages, making them accessible for individuals with hearing impairments or in noisy environments. This feature assists those who find listening to audio messages challenging. This inclusive approach ensures that all employees can effectively engage with voicemail communications.


Throughout the evolution of telecommunications, voicemail has remained a fundamental aspect of effective communication. It serves as a reliable means of capturing missed calls and important voice messages.

At Zadarma, we understand the critical role voicemail plays in modern communication. That's why we've gone one step further by introducing visual voicemail. This innovative feature captures audio messages and presents them visually by transcribing the voicemail message to text.

Voicemail transcription streamlines communication processes, increases productivity, and ensures that no message goes unnoticed. Contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, it plays a critical role. This leads to increased success and the achievement of business goals.

If you require further assistance or additional information regarding the setup process, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. We are committed to providing assistance at every step of the process.