zadarma whatsapp business

WhatsApp is one of the leading chat applications for consumers, and one of the top messaging applications used by businesses today. The beauty of this communication is that users can respond to conversations in real-time, at their convenience. Whatsapp is free to download. It allows users to send texts, voice and video messages, make calls, as well as share documentation, images and other specific content. WhatsApp has two types of applications. The standard WhatsApp, which is for individual users, with most people using the tool for personal communication. The alternative for business users is WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business has significant advantages for businesses and freelancers. The application was specifically built for small business owners in mind. It has the same interface as the consumer facing WhatsApp, however has additional business centric features. The app allows you to interact with customers through inbuilt tools to automate, sort and provide rapid responses to customer requests and enquiries. WhatsApp Business provides professionals with the ability to separate personal and business communication.

How to implement WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp platform allows users to have access to the API. Businesses can direct customers to communicate via WhatsApp by simply placing a WhatsApp launcher icon on their website and across their digital marketing platforms. The app icon links the API and a mobile or virtual mobile number.

By having the WhatsApp Business button on your website, it informs potential customers of the opportunity of instant real-time conversation to begin. The app offers shared management and permissions which allows a set of users to send business notifications through the app. To unlock the full potential of Whatsapp Business, you ideally need to use a different phone number, to what you use for standard WhatsApp, beyond your personal number.

The advantages of using a virtual number for WhatsApp Business

At Zadarma we have seen a rise in business users now leveraging Zadarma’s virtual number service to activate and use WhatsApp Business. A virtual number provided by a VoIP service provider creates a quick, easy, cost effective business number solution, with no need to change or hunt for a new or different number or indeed, phone. A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn't bound to a fixed location. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone. Virtual numbers are being widely utilised to activate Whatsapp Business. It is popular as it offers an international communication solution without worrying customers of international calling rates as the call happens through the internet. Now let’s explore the other advantages.

  1. Trustworthy, Secure Customer Relationships

  2. WhatsApp Business activated through a virtual business number helps businesses build more trustworthy customer relationships through offering verified business profiles. They also offer strict business policies for sending outbound messages to prevent spam. Using a virtual number and WhatsApp Business will provide end-to-end encryption providing a secure international call solution for your customers.

  3. Low Cost Calling

  4. Zadarma’s virtual number provides a considerably cheaper call solution in comparison to traditional mobile network providers. Zadarma offers free call price plans, which allow for very affordable business calling through accessible virtual numbers. In comparison, if you are thinking of installing a traditional phone or buying a new business mobile to activate WhatsApp Business, you will be paying for a set capacity even if you don't use the phone that often. Virtual numbers are hugely agile and don’t break the bank.

  5. Completely Customisable

  6. Virtual numbers can put an end to missed business calls. If you are a small business, with a lean team, you want to ensure that all business enquiries are picked up quickly. WhatsApp Business can redirect your calls while you are travelling, with a linked virtual number in place. You can simply log in to your login control centre and redirect your virtual number to your mobile phone or answer phone, while you are away.

  7. Easy Set Up

  8. WhatsApp Business is easy to download. Equally a virtual number is quick and straightforward to set up. There is no VoIP hardware or wiring required as you use your broadband connection to activate the virtual number.

Where can I get a virtual number to activate WhatsApp Business?

Zadarma’s virtual number solutions provide users with the option to choose the number specific to the country or region. Since WhatsApp does not put any type of geographical restriction in this regard, you can choose the cheapest country.

To connect a virtual number with your WhatsApp Business account, you need to register with Zadarma and choose a suitable mobile number against the relevant city of your choice. You then will be required to upload the necessary documents if required, and finally be sure, to top up your account. We recommend prepaying a number for a year in advance to avoid losing connection due to an overdue payment.

You then need to add the WhatsApp business button on your website which contains an API link that is: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=(prefix without zeros or +)(virtual mobile number). For example, it would be something like https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=34600000000. This will allow you to open and use the WhatsApp application.

A virtual number paired with WhatsApp Business provides you with specific tools to help you manage your business communication, separate your work and personal life, as well as improve your overall customer service. Many businesses of today are integrating the API into their customer support software to manage and prioritise customer conversations at scale. The app can allow multiple customer service team members to manage conversations using automation and chatbots.

By utilising a VoIP-empowered virtual number you will be able to leverage other VoIP features, for instance using an auto-reply to manage missed calls. A professional voicemail presents a level of credibility to callers, instantly engaging potential prospects. A virtual number is flexible and adds scalability as you can operate from any connected device as long as you have an internet connection. A virtual number is an ideal partner for WhatsApp Business and highly advantageous to growing, remotely based or hybrid working teams.