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In a recent announcement, WhatsApp clarified that only mobile numbers are supported for registration on their platform. However, WhatsApp Business can be registered with a landline phone number. This means that VoIP numbers are not compatible with the WhatsApp registration process. WhatsApp explicitly states that it only accepts mobile and landline phone numbers from local areas. Additionally, WhatsApp can detect VPN use, adding another layer of restrictions. Therefore, VoIP providers cannot guarantee compatibility with WhatsApp.

While users can try to register using VoIP numbers, it is important to note that WhatsApp has strict requirements. WhatsApp's policy clearly gives priority to mobile and landline numbers for registration. Therefore, it is not advisable to try to use VoIP numbers for WhatsApp.

Despite VoIP numbers not serving WhatsApp registration purposes, they remain viable options for other communication needs. For instance, these numbers can be effectively used to make and receive calls, as well as handling SMS messages. This way, users can still benefit from the versatility of VoIP phone numbers for a variety of communication tasks.

We assure that calls with virtual phone numbers will connect successfully, however we cannot guarantee WhatsApp registration. Therefore, the numbers are mainly used for calls.

Considering the importance of virtual numbers, it is worth noting their significance in modern communication. Virtual numbers offer businesses and individuals the flexibility to effectively manage their communication channels. With virtual numbers, users can easily separate personal and business communications, maintain privacy, and expand their reach to international markets.

Use free website widgets instead of WhatsApp

While WhatsApp allows users to place a WhatsApp launcher icon on their website, Zadarma offers an excellent alternative: free website widgets. By incorporating a calling widget on your website, you can make communication more attractive for your clients or website visitors, making it easier for them to reach you.

Callback Widget:

The Callback Widget detects a visitor's intent to leave and promptly offers to connect them with one of your sales representatives within 20 seconds, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversion. Research shows that engaging with a sales representative in this manner increases the likelihood of the visitor becoming a client by up to 75%.

Click-to-Call Button:

The Click-to-Call button, based on WebRTC technology, allows visitors to make calls directly from your website without the need to install additional software. Standard headphones and a microphone are sufficient. You can manage incoming calls through any IP-telephony program, such as Zadarma app, or set up call forwarding to any external phone number.

Call-back widget

The advantages of using a virtual number

At Zadarma, we are seeing an increase in the number of business users turning to our virtual number service for communication solutions. A virtual number provided by a VoIP service provider like Zadarma offers a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution for business numbers. Unlike traditional phone lines, virtual numbers are not tied to a specific location, allowing users to make or receive calls from any device connected to the Internet. Virtual numbers have gained popularity due to their ability to provide international calling solutions without having to worry about high calling rates since calls are routed over the Internet.

1. Trustworthy Customer Relationships

Activating a virtual phone number enhances businesses' ability to build trust with clients by providing a local point of contact. The use of a virtual number offers an easy way for your clients to reach you, further increasing their confidence in your business's communication practices.

2. Low Cost Calling

Zadarma’s virtual number provides a significantly cheaper calling solution compared to traditional mobile operators. Zadarma offers a range of calling plans that allow you to make cost-effective business calls through affordable virtual numbers.

3. Completely Customisable

Virtual numbers can put an end to missed business calls by ensuring all business queries are answered quickly. Receive calls over the Android/iOS application while travelling. Simply connect to the Internet, install an app, and start making and receiving calls from anywhere in the world.

4. Easy Set Up

Setting up a virtual number is quick and easy. No VoIP hardware or wiring is required. You simply use your broadband connection to activate the virtual number.

Where can I get a virtual number?

Zadarma's virtual number solutions offer users the flexibility to choose a number specific to their desired country or region. To connect a virtual number, you simply need to:

  1. register with Zadarma
  2. select a suitable phone number from the relevant city
  3. upload any necessary documents.

We recommend prepaying for a year in advance to ensure uninterrupted service. In addition to virtual numbers, we provide valuable tools such as:

  • PBX
  • Teamsale CRM
  • SMS
  • eSIM
  • Video and call conference
  • Call tracking
  • and much more.

Zadarma Video conference

These useful tools will help manage your business communications, separate work and personal life, and improve overall customer service. Many businesses are integrating our API into their customer support software to manage and prioritize customer conversations at scale.

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of a virtual number, you can work from any device with Internet access. Virtual numbers are an ideal solution for businesses, especially those operating in a remote or hybrid work environment.