who needs cloud pbx

Today’s small and medium size firms benefit from a much wider range of business opportunities than those available in earlier years, but they also face a set of new challenges. Amazing developments in technology bring us advanced computers, high-speed internet browsing, cellular phones and many other features that make the conduct of business faster and more efficient. It is now possible to run an international business from a small office on a limited budget. This represents a major breakthrough for small firms, but taking advantage of these opportunities demands recognizing how the business environment has changed in other ways. Customers demand high service standards while fierce competition forces firms to try harder to reduce costs; telecom expenses are no exception.

How the Latest Developments in Telecom Help Small Firms

Telecom technology can also supply the tools that help businesses reduce expenses while still satisfying rising client demands. Many firms have already discovered that cloud PBX networks bring substantial capital and maintenance cost savings. VoIP (Voice over Internet Profile) systems make it simple for firms to expand their business overseas using virtual phone numbers and offices. This internet phone system meets all their employee and customer call needs and it easily adjusts to evolving business challenges. It is hard to find a good reason to stay with a landline phone system now that a quality and more economical alternative system is available.

Unravelling the Mystery of VoIP

VoIP is one of the most exciting telecommunications developments in the last quarter of a century. To understand the basic concept does not require a degree in rocket science. Even though VoIP comes with all of those off-putting abbreviations and tech-savvy terms once you find what is involved the ideas made sound sense. Most small businesses now use the internet for email and business information, but the existing broadband infrastructure has a much greater potential; the same broadband lines can easily carry both audio and video calls. The way VoIP makes full use of the existing broadband network is one of its major advantages. Why continue to pay for an additional phone line when a single line can support internet and phone calls.

Good Reasons for Selecting a Cloud PBX Solution

An increasing number of firms now take up the new virtual business possibilities cloud PBX systems open up for them. For example, it has become much more common for employees to work from remote locations rather than in a central office. Such telecom trends reduce the value of the old-fashioned PBX to modern businesses. A cloud PBX is an ideal solution for firms who want to implement remote working and open virtual offices around the world. It enables their employees to access a full range of telecom features from any place with a reasonable internet connection.

Firms who use Cloud PBX also gain:

  • Significant improvements in customer service with conditional call forwarding, auto attendant and full coordination between the business's phone system and CRM.
  • A dramatic reduction in landline phone call costs due to much lower overseas call costs, and savings in hardware purchase and maintenance expenses.
  • A system that is easy to upgrade and expand without the need to buy or rent new hardware. All it takes is a few mouse-clicks to change the system configuration.
  • Freedom from those serious concerns over software and system security issues now that the VoIP network provider is responsible for updates.

Everything you can find in a Landline Phone and More…

IP phones have a stylish look with clear LCD screens, speakerphones, and programmable keys. They support a full range of user-friendly features, and much more besides. This explains why many cloud PBX users choose to use them, but there is no obligation to make even this small hardware investment. Smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and of course the old landline phones, work fine with internet phone systems. Once you discover how easy it is to download and work with a cloud PBX, there can be no nostalgia for previous communications technology.

For over twelve years, the Zadarma Project team has been delivering off-the-shelf and customized internet phone solutions. They are pleased to offer no obligation consultations on how to improve your customer call handling and dramatically reduce telecom costs.