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Most startups have a focus on rapid, agile company growth. In the early years of a start-up developing, customer acquisition is often an absolute priority. This will demonstrate a startup's place in the market and plays a crucial role in securing later rounds of fundraising. VoIP communication is widely used by most top startups however some new businesses have not yet adopted this leading technology to amplify their business strategy. If you are representing a start-up business you should be thinking about installing VoIP over a traditional phone system due to the extensive advantages you can gain. Most startups are motivated and focused on their drive for innovation as well as the success of their customer acquisition strategy. Let’s explore how a VoIP system can support a startup's innovative customer growth drive whilst helping keep control of costs.

7 key reasons why startups should consider a VoIP system within their business plan

1. VoIP provides affordable calling and no installation costs

When setting up a new office or remote team, startup founders will need to consider IT and technology requirements to enable communication. VoIP is a low-cost alternative to the traditional telephone system. It uses a broadband connection to make and receive calls and so can significantly reduce running costs with no need for hardware and telephone wires. If you choose the right provider VoIP is extremely affordable and can provide a fully-fledged unified communication solution for any scaling organisation. VoIP will allow your startup to make extensive call savings as call rates on both local calls and international calls can be activated in the cloud.

Startups who have introduced Cloud VoIP comment on the benefit of no installation charges or set-up hassle. The advantage of VoIP is you’re using a fast Internet connection instead of a dedicated phone line. Traditional phone lines are expensive and installation costs can start in the hundreds up to the thousands. With VoIP, you require no hard wiring and the set-up is simple, taking as little as 5 minutes.

2. VoIP provides added value features such as video conferencing

Following on from affordability, VoIP providers, like Zadarma, offer additional features within their core standard price plans that will provide any startup with a raft of integration to centralise their communication. This will provide startups with value for money and will help to reduce technology costs as well as centralised technology integration. Beyond the affordable calling rates and various IVR features, most providers can provide video conferencing free of charge. VoIP is a more professional, results-driven option for startups that require the ability to host conference calls with their clients. It has been proven time and time again that new businesses leverage effective technology to remain competitive, and hosting a flawless conference call is just part of making that vital first impression.

Here are Zadarma’s standard VoIP features, providing a variety of added value features beyond calling:

  • Unlimited calls
  • 4 concurrent calls
  • 3 extensions with voice recording
  • 200 MB Storage for call recordings
  • 3 voice menus with PBX
  • Per second billing of outgoing calls
  • Free numbers
  • API
  • Free CRM integration
  • Free callback widget
  • Free video conferencing
  • 24/7 customer support

3. VoIP provides performance statistics and speech analytics

Startups want to run an efficient business and gather as much information as possible, to provide them with a competitive edge. VoIP allows you to drill down into important data. For example, you can view all call activity and monitor every user, including how much time they’re spending on the phone. Zadarma’s PBX offers detailed statistics of PBX calls. As well as monitor, control and analyse call performance through the built-in statistics feature, you can set a statistics time frame, compare different periods, see charts and geographic origin of inbound calls. Statistics and charts are available both for all calls and calls on certain virtual numbers (or external lines). The PBX statistics feature has been commended by start-ups for its accessible call analytics reports and usable charts. This feature is to understand how best to improve call quality and sales conversion rates which is highly valuable to start up as every call and hour spent can affect the bottom line of their new business.

4. VoIP provides scalability & flexibility

Every startup wants to operate in an agile way. The spark of innovation that makes a startup great won’t survive outdated and cumbersome communication tools. VoIP allows you to be incredibly flexible so you can add or remove users as you wish, as a Cloud VoIP system uses the internet for calls. There is no need for additional phone lines. VoIP can scale to meet your current and future growth requirements, freeing your people up to concentrate on their customer acquisition mission.

5. VoIP provides a higher call quality

VoIP call quality is of high standard, providing improved, clear audio compared to a traditional landline or mobile. Bringing remote teams closer together through improved call quality helps to make communication more natural and enjoyable. Fostering the right communicative environment sets the scene for those flashes of inspiration that make your startup great.

6. VoIP provides mobility

With features such as IVR, calls can be rerouted or auto-attended too, when lean teams are away from their desks, on holiday, remote or traveling. Portability is key for many startups. VoIP enables startups to be as mobile and as portable as possible when on the move.

7. VoIP can improve business productivity and team motivation

Evidence shows that dealing with change in business can be tricky and not always easy on your internal teams. Introducing VoIP is one of the best changes you can make to your startup business to empower your team productivity. For instance, introducing a PBX into your startup will allow you to connect as many phone numbers in different regions, providing a direct call connection instantly to your appropriate employees. Zadarma PBX features are endless improving business operations and call performance through call analysis. Startups can benefit from advanced call forwarding features, customisable voicemails, providing missed call notifications ensuring your start up business is portrayed as credible. This provides a level of sophistication with a seamless communication solution in place. With features such as the voice menu function and working hour call diversions as well as CRM integration capability, VoIP can simplify and unite internal and external processes across your start up business. The level of integration VoIP can offer will provide valuable support to your growing teams and in turn will help them focus on more human centric tasks, to build rapport with your future customers.

PBX integration with CRM and other business systems is perfect for growing startups

Zadarma’s PBX allows you to integrate your VoIP solution with your CRM. This enables any member of your startup team to provide a heightened personalised customer service experience to each inbound and outbound client call. Zadarma PBX currently integrates with Bitrix24, Zoho CRM, amoCRM, Salesforce, Megaplan, RetailCRM, ZohoDESK, PlanFix and WireCRM. In addition Zadarma offers a free CRM, the Teamsale CRM. This integrates seamlessly with the PBX, assisting with automating all key processes, including offering video conferencing. Zadarma offers access to Teamsale CRM within the standard PBX package at no additional charge. The cloud based CRM solution helps you keep track of business contacts, conversation and monitor relationships with existing and potential clients and partners. It allows you to conveniently plan daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance, providing a clear review on team accountability and effectiveness.

When every call can affect your startup’s revenue, it is vital that each outbound call to customers or prospective customers, provides the highest quality of service. Through a VoIP PBX recording call feature, managers can re-listen to calls and use recording as part of training exercises to improve team call performance and customer servicing skills.

An increasing number of startup businesses are switching their telephony to VoIP providers. It really is the future for communication. Modern communications methods are changing and VoIP provides startups with an easy to use, affordable, comprehensive solution from which to scale growth around.