video conferencing zadarma

In the era of the Internet and globalization, an increasing number of companies are opening offices in different cities and countries. In such situations, the issue of communication between employees is especially vital.

In the moments, when a personal meeting is impossible, you can benefit from our free video conferencing service.

Who needs it?

Of course, its use is not limited by work meetings. This service can be also useful for partner and client negotiations.

All because of its simplicity: when working from a computer or a laptop, you will only need a browser and internet connection.

When creating a conference room admins get a unique link, which they can share with other participants. They will just need to open the link – and done!

Aside from professional use, we cannot forget that it can (and should!) be used for communicating and stay close with family and friends.

What if I need mobility?

When the call cannot be postponed and you do not have a laptop on hand – no worries. We have designed an app – Zadarma Conf - for mobile devices on iOS and Android, it is available in AppStore and Google Play.

Joining the conference will not be much different from the desktop version. Participants simply need to click on the link and it will automatically open in the app.

There is no division either: all platform users can participate in the same conference.

Another Zadarma conference advantage is that it can be joined in audio-only format via a call to SIP. Inside the network, you can dial a short number 00300 and enter room PIN. And if there is no internet connection, or participants do not have a Zadarma account. They can call up any of numbers with extension dialing иand enter room PIN. After that, they will be instantly connected to the conference.

Zadarma video conferencing in bullet points:

  • Up to 100 participants at the same time;
  • Video encryption;
  • HD-quality;
  • Access from any device;
  • In-built chat for messages and links;
  • VoIP integration;
  • Optional password creation;
  • Raise hand and screenshare features;
  • YouTube livestreaming with recording.

Try out our video conferencing now.