zadarma vs grasshopper

‘Which VoIP is better?’ This is a recurring question - and one you may ask yourself when comparing phone systems and VoIP providers. To help you decide which is best for your business today we are comparing Grasshopper against Zadarma and exploring how they differ.

Grasshopper advantages

  • User-friendly virtual phone system - Mainly appealing to small businesses (SMBs).
  • Coverage - The system provides toll-free 1-800 numbers plus voicemail and auto-attendant which operates through an existing phone line.
  • Easy set up - You can use your current phone system without complicated wiring and setup.
  • Segregate and filter phone calls - Take the phone calls that matter and be at peace during your personal time, timezone specific.

Zadarma advantages

  • Cloud based, intuitive, user friendly system, with set up only taking a few minutes.
  • Cost effective - Zadarma’s cloud PBX is free, with two further paid for affordable packages providing additional free features.
  • Global Coverage - Allowing you to connect with customers across 100 different countries in different continents plus offers virtual and toll-free phone number connections regardless of geographical location.
  • Free CRM & Integration - Zadarma can connect with different CRM solutions and can provide free integration to the Teamsale CRM.
  • With Call tracking, you can keep track of your call statistics and make calls directly from your CRM’s interface.
  • Free customised callback widget - making it easier for customers to reach you.
  • We have compared Grasshopper and Zadarma, reviewing plans, features and starting prices.

VoIP provider

Starting monthly price

Key Features

Grasshopper *currently only available in the USA and Canada

Solo $24/month

Solo 1 number 3 extensions Unlimited minutes Free setup/activation Custom main greeting Android /iPhone apps Unlimited phone handling Call forwarding Call screening Inbound fax Voicemail and fax

Partner $49/month

Partner 3 numbers 6 extensions Unlimited minutes Free set up/activation All solo features

Small Business $89/month

Small Business 5 numbers Unlimited extensions Unlimited minutes SMS Voicemail Free set up/activation All partner features


Standard: Free

Standard Unlimited calls to US & Canada Calls to 20 countries from 4 concurrent calls 30 maximum users / devices 3 extensions with voice recording 200 MB Storage for call recordings 3 voice menus with PBX Per second billing of outgoing calls Free numbers API Free CRM integration Free callback widget 24/7 customer support

Office: $39/month/team

Office All standard features 500 free calls to 20 countries 4 virtual phone numbers 1 toll free number 2000 toll free minutes 8 extensions with voice recording 2000 MB storage for call recordings 5 voice menus within PBX Incoming & out coming channel numbers

Corporation: $79/month/team

Corporation All standard features 1000 free calls to 20 countries 8 virtual numbers 2 toll free numbers 600 toll free minutes 8 concurrent calls 100 max users / devices 20 extensions with voice recording 5000MB storage for call recordings 10 voice menus within PBX Incoming & out coming channel numbers

Both phone systems are user friendly and easy to set up - an appealing feature for small to medium size businesses. The main drawback of Grasshopper, when compared with Zadarma, is that it is only available to purchase from the USA and Canada currently. In addition, Grasshopper requires existing landlines and mobile phones and provides limited features beyond the basic call features. Grasshopper lacks the advanced features that Zadarma’s PBX offers and is more expensive. Zadrama’s cloud VoIP solution, provides a broader appeal, with free standard features including free CRM integration, free video conferencing and free call back widgets, offering a seamless, cost effective, intuitive, easy to set up and use solution, suitable for small, medium and large enterprises looking to scale.