Zadarma CRM

Your business phone or telephony service and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are two technology tools that most businesses will have in place. Telephony service is a software interface that integrates with a physical telephone device to perform actions like dialling phone numbers and logging calls. This enables you to keep track of call efficiency regarding interactions with customers and suppliers. A CRM software is a tool that manages your business interactions with potential and existing customers. This provides data that you can use to improve customer relationships which can contribute to your organisation’s bottom line. There are huge benefits to integrating phone systems and CRM solutions. It will make your business more strategic, analytical, operational, collaborative and above all more efficient.

Zadarma has seen increasing demand for CRM and business phone integration. At Zadarma, we offer a free CRM. Teamsale CRM can assist with automating all key processes, within the standard VoIP package at no additional charge. Teamsale CRM is fully integrated with Zadarma telephony and PBX and is suitable for all businesses no matter their size and regardless of employee usage. Zadarma’s Cloud-based CRM solution helps you keep track of relationships with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance providing a clear review on team accountability and effectiveness. Teamsale CRM allows users to:

  • Create and manage teams
  • Create, monitor and complete tasks
  • Recognize each client that calls you or emails you
  • Manage clients, employees and leads, delegating and forwarding calls
  • Call straight from the CRM web interface or from a softphone

Zadarma has considered several CRM Use Cases to showcase how integrating Teamsale CRM can help your business.

1. Lead Prioritization

Problem: A business receives 200 leads per week but the sales team cannot identify the hottest leads from the cold ones. Time is being lost from not being able to prioritize the best leads.

How Teamsale CRM can help: Customer service and sales team members can solve this problem through implementing a process called lead scoring which involves team’s scoring each lead based on certain rules that managers can set. The various scorings can trigger further sales and marketing actions. You can set tasks and reminders within the CRM to ensure the actions are prioritized and completed on time. Basic parameters of the lead such as the job title, industry, and even geographic location can be taken into account as per the rules. The Teamsale CRM Use Case ensures that important leads are not missed while efficiently saving time for sales representatives.

2. Sales Team Outreach

Problem: The sales team needs to improve their sales outreach, prospecting tactics and strategy and they need help in organizing their lead monitoring.

How Teamsale CRM can help: The Teamsale CRM can import contact details on mass which saves data inputting time. The sales team, therefore, have more time to research, monitor leads, write better emails, and have more focused calls. The extra time incurred allows teams to enforce their sales plan to ensure they are delivering a more considered outreach approach.

3. Sales Personalization and Video Conferencing

Problem: A sales manager is struggling to gain face time with their contacts due to lack of time and customers preferring not to meet them.

How Teamsale CRM can help: Teamsale CRM can provide instant virtual meetings. Teamsale CRM helps personalize each customer’s profile, retaining as much information as possible, personalizing the call experience. It is a simple, uncomplicated solution and is supported across browsers, smartphones, and tablets. You can create video conference calls and share invitations with participants very easily. Other benefits include:

  • Simultaneous communication of up to 100 participants
  • Video and audio encryption
  • High HD communication
  • Instant access from any device
  • Screen sharing
  • Messaging and file sharing in the chat
  • Unlimited conference time
  • Telephony integration

4. Lead Follow Up

Problem: A middleweight sales team member is sending a high volume of emails on a daily basis and is losing track of who has responded and those who haven't. It is clear that a process is required to ensure that the following up of leads are cracked and not forgotten.

How Teamsale CRM can help: Teamsale CRM allows you to make calls from the CRM interface. This allows all call outreach to be tracked and follow-up tasks and reminders can be set at the moment. Zadarma CRM solution will help you keep track of each client relationship with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan your tasks daily. This allows managers to follow sales effectiveness and team performance through the access of analytical reports.

5. Understanding the sale cycle

Problem: A sales team manager wants to know about the average time it takes to close a deal and is intrigued to understand if his sales team needs more training at a particular stage of the sales cycle.

How Teamsale CRM can help: A simple analytical sales cycle report within the Teamsale CRM software can be accessed. This will show the manager the average time it takes a sales representative to close a deal with different clients. One can explore the number of calls, touchpoints, call duration and speech recognition within each call. This can provide insight into the sales cycle and whether there are training requirements.

6. Marketing Planning

Problem: The marketing team requires deeper insight into what existing customers expect and which marketing campaigns are most effective.

How Teamsale CRM can help: CRM system is capable of gathering and analysing the data from the sales and marketing team outreach through email and calls. The analytical reports provide insight into best-performing tactics. These activities can therefore be optimized to improve and focus performance.

Zadarma’s use case examples above reinforce the power of an integrated Teamsale CRM with your phone system. The benefits of integrated VoIP-CRM are endless, with few, if any drawbacks. Sophisticated businesses around the world are embracing this powerful technology and understanding the competitive advantages that VoIP integration can have to empower business growth.