Service Level and Quality Agreement

It is not only important to have a functioning cloud infrastructure for your company, but it is also essential to have all SaaS elements available around the clock. Zadarma Cloud telecommunication service can guarantee functionality and reliability of its telephony, so your business communication can benefit from it.

Service availability

Zadarma provides uninterrupted availability of its services - 99,99% uptime regardless of the price plan chosen by the user. Uninterrupted service availability — the percentage of time within the last 180 days, when the main Zadarma telecommunication services were available for its clients with no interruptions.

We calculate the service uptime using server equipment and program operation, all downtime is accounted within the set period of time (six months).

* Actual Monthly Uptime Percentage = (A-B+C)/A
A = Total Monthly Time, B = Scheduled Downtime, C = Excluded Monthly Times

Zadarma network — reliability of performance

SaaS implies flexibility of settings, easy integration with other systems of your infrastructure along with reliability and quality of performance. This agreement covers reliability metrics and guarantees their top quality.

Our infrastructure consists of fully reserved, secure, top-quality data centers in different parts of the world. 7 data centers on three continents - each is connected to at least two external channels and points of Internet eXchange. We solely use premium traffic channels. For maximum security and quality of services and calls, voice traffic is sent through the geographically closest data center. Multiple backup and re-routing capabilities will keep any potential errors in data center performance seamless to you and your clients.

The availability of voice services is guaranteed with a support of backup on your side of the infrastructure, we recommend enabling DNS SRV for SIP connection (if your equipment supports this feature).

24/7 support

We do not only guarantee telephony performance, we also care about assisting our users in overcoming any issues when using our services. Our 24/7 support in 7 languages will help you with questions of all sorts.

Problem solving deadlines

You can contact us 24/7

Message our 24/7 online chat, average response time on the chat is 3 minutes

Create a ticket for getting answers to your more complex financial and technical questions, the ticket will be directed to the specialist

Call our support, we are available over the phone around the clock as well

Scheduled improvements

To continue improving our services and maintain their stability, we sometimes conduct short-time planned works. Thanks to a full backup, 99% of our technical work without interrupting client experience. Scheduled improvements are usually conducted during the night time according to the client’s time zone, information is always posted on the website.

Not considered as downtime:

  • Internet channel issues (including speed and stability) on the client’s side
  • Third-party problems (for example, local phone number providers)
  • Issues with website services that are undergoing alpha or beta testing
  • Problems with long website components download
  • Problems with external connection and end user equipment (phones, computers, mini-PBX) - equipment and cloud services settings occur on the client’s side
  • Scheduled works

Agreement update

We continuously improve our products and services, and over time we are able to change the terms of this agreement. This will definitely be announced on our website. In this section you will see current service level and quality agreement signing date

Agreement publishing date — 02.11.2022