Zadarma Project News

Free video conferencing for HubSpot


Free video conferencing is now available within our integration with HubSpot CRM for efficient communication with clients, partners and employees.

It is easy to start a video conference in HubSpot:

  1. Open a contact or create a new ticket;
  2. Click Meet;
  3. At the bottom of the scheduling card click on a video camera icon;
  4. All participants will receive a link to video conference.

Other Zadarma and HubSpot integration features:

  • Calls from HubSpot in one click;
  • Each call is recorded in tickets and contacts;
  • Automatic call routing to the responsible manager (Contact Owner);
  • Call recordings available from HubSpot interface;
  • Client name display on IP-phone or in the app during incoming calls.

Video conferencing is free, you can increase a number of hosts and rooms by connecting additional phone system bundles. You can find more about video conferencing limits on thevideo conferencing page.

Speech recognition feature


Now all clients using free Zadarma PBX can not only listen to call recordings, but also see their text transcription. Our service can recognize 20+ languages.

More on speech recognition service and its activation can be found in our blog post.

Speech recognition feature is a paid service and the price depends on the language of recognition. Phone system bundles also include free transcription minutes.

Voice recognition methods are already available in API Zadarma, you can connect the feature to your system and not just transcribe, but also analyze your conversations.

Video conferencing via ZCRM


Video conferencing is now available within free Zadarma CRM system for convenient communication with clients, partners and employees.

It is easy to invite people to a video conference:

  1. Create a new task
  2. Choose task type “Video conference”
  3. All participants will receive a link via email
  4. At the specified time, enter the conference room and start communicating

ZCRM admin can change hosts’ status, e.g. the extension numbers that this task is available for.

Video conferencing limits:

  • 1 host and 1 room up to 10 participants - for registered users.
  • 2 hosts and 2 rooms each up to 20 participants - after a top-up (at least once in six months).
  • 5 hosts and 5 rooms each up to 50 participants + YouTube streaming - for Office bundle.
  • 10 hosts and 10 rooms each up to 100 participants + YouTube streaming for Corporation bundle.

Call transfer support on IP phones


Call Transfer using a Transfer button on most of the popular IP phones is now supported. More on how to initiate such call transfer with several examples can be found in our blog post.

Free Zadarma CRM API interface


API interface for ZCRM is now available. Open API allows to integrate free CRM with your systems, apps or software.

API includes many features available in ZCRM:

  • calls;
  • clients and their feed;
  • leads;
  • employees;
  • tasks;
  • files;
  • other data types.