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New Version of Zadarma app for iOS


A new version of Zadarma 6.1 app is now available on iTunes. The changes include an even more convenient way working with multi-channel numbers, updated design and user interface, as well as the running time of the application in the background. The application is completely free and is available for download on iTunes .

New Special Offer: Gold 495 Numbers in Moscow


We've added a great new selection of gold 495 Moscow numbers, as well as increased selection of Silver and Bronze 495 numbers.

Personal Account Gets a New Design


The design of the Personal Account has been updated. The new interface will make your work with the service even simpler and more convenient. Our future plans include additional changes and improvements in both design and functional of the system.

Zadarma New Data Centers


In our continued efforts to expand our coverage and improve service quality, we have established two new data centers in Moscow and in New York. Due to this change, users operating a firewall are required to change the security settings. Now, instead of a long list of IP addresses, you only need to input the 4 IP-networks of Zadarma Project. Users without a firewall are not required to change any s...

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New Offer: Russian +79 Mobile Numbers


Zadarma Project now has virtual numbers available in Russian +79 code . Multi-channel numbers enable incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages. For security reasons, you can only connect up to 3 mobile numbers in +79 code to a single set of verified documents. P.S. We’ve also launched sales of Ukrainian ...

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