Zadarma News

Expansion of eSIM plans coverage


Even more countries and even lower eSIM prices for internet from Zadarma. For example, the plan World has been expanded to include +25 more countries, while the Europe+ plan has increased by +9 countries. To find out if the destination is included in the eSIM plan offer, simply enter the country you want to travel to in the search box on this page.

Connect fast internet in 150 countries around the world at the best rates from local operators.

Updated integration with HubSpot


The integration of Zadarma and HubSpot has received significant updates:

  • Now you can make and receive calls with a WebRTC softphone. The previous integration with callback function is also available
  • Send the data for connection of WebRTC to your employees using convenient tickets
  • You can disable unnecessary actions for calls inside the integration. For example, exclude the mandatory creation of tickets or contacts

The integration of Zadarma and HubSpot continues to be free, and its setup will only take a few minutes.

Receive and send SMS in Teamsale CRM, register SenderID


Teamsale CRM now includes full SMS integration to help automate communications with your customers. You can also register an individual SenderID through the new form.

SMS and CRM integration features:

  • Automatic lead creation when receiving SMS from an unknown number
  • Adding a message to the client's feed when receiving an SMS from a known number
  • Sending SMS to a group of clients (up to 20 selected numbers)
  • SMS templates - send messages using standard or custom templates
  • SMS notifications - remind partners or employees about upcoming events, meetings, and tasks
  • A single notification centre, so that not a single message is lost, a separate feed of all SMS is available

SMS marketing is a fast and convenient way to communicate with clients and promote your business. Set up your messaging with Teamsale CRM.

Coverage expansion: Toll-free, mobile numbers, eSIM, price plans in new countries and regions


We are expanding the coverage of numbers, eSIM and price plans:

  • New 800 numbers in 10 countries
  • Mobile numbers in Mexico, Latvia, Estonia
  • Coverage expansion of eSIM countries in Europe+ and World plans - use fast internet in 110+ countries around the world
  • New price plans for Israel , which include phone numbers in the country, calls to mobiles, landlines in Israel and 6 countries, advanced PBX features

eSIM from Zadarma: price reduction and new package for Europe and other countries


The eSIM prices for most popular destinations have been significantly reduced, which means that you can continue to enjoy fast and inexpensive Internet around the world. For these destinations, we now have simple connection requirements: for a month or a year.

And the new regional package Europe+ will allow you to use fast Internet throughout Europe and in 20+ other countries. You can also connect this package, which includes 59 countries, for a year in advance. The cost, geographic coverage and other details of the eSIM service from Zadarma can be found here.

PS: We are also excited to bring you a +10% bonus on all top-ups from November 14 to November 30 inclusive using the promo code BF2023.