Zadarma Project News

Free Call tracking from Zadarma


New product is introduced - Zadarma Call tracking for the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels. Static and dynamic tracking will help to increase the conversion rate of offline and online promotion channels, while decreasing advertising budgets. Call tracking can be connected to additional services, for example, web analytics services and popular CRM-systems. The product is absolutely free, as always.

It's time to figure out , what advertising is most effective.

Price reduction on virtual phone numbers in Spain


Starting today you can save money on mobile and landline phone numbers in Spain. We always offer you the best price and the highest call quality.

New API method for managing the PBX extension number call forwarding


We have created a new API method for managing the PBX extension number call forwarding. The calls can be forwarded to a phone number or a voicemail and you can find more details here .

Introducing our new price bundles!


Zadarma is introducing new price bundles. These bundles include a generous amount of outgoing call minutes, virtual phone numbers and advanced cloud PBX features.

The “Office” and “Corporation” bundles are available for calls to different regions: the US/Canada and the EU. You can also plan your business budget, pay for the whole year in advance and receive a significant discount.

We have expanded the choice of phone numbers in Poland and giving a 50% discount on the phone number monthly fees.


We have added phone numbers in Warsaw , Krakow , Gdansk and Bydgoszcz , and have vanity phone numbers available for purchase.

Additionally, we are giving a half a year, 50% discount on the monthly fees for the phone numbers in these cities. This offer is valid until the end of autumn for the phone numbers connected during the promotion time.