Rules for Zadarma Affiliate Program

These rules are obligatory for all, without exception, partners of Zadarma Project. The purpose of the rules is to regulate the relationships with partners, aimed at preventing violations of common law and corporate norms and standart.

1. Affiliate program is designed to add new users for Zadarma Project (at least three users required). Attempts to earn money using your own account without subscribing new users is forbidden.

2. Logo of partner's website can not be the same or similar to logo of Zadarma Project.

3. The name of partner's website should not consist of words «Zadarma», «Задарма» or any other consonant words. Usage of domain which is consonant or similar to Zadarma Project is forbidden.

4. Direct link on log in form to personal account from partner's website is forbidden. Only link to zadarma.com website are allowed.

5. It is forbidden to use contact information of Zadarma Support (Emails, chat, phone numbers) on partner websites.

6. It is forbidden to copy texts from zadarma.com website (you can copy 1-2 advertising statement maximum, no more than 10% of a page content).

7. It is forbidden to automatically redirect user on Zadarma website or to opening of our website without users consent (in any form, including pop-up and minimized windows).

8. It is forbidden to use the referral link in contextual advertising.

9. In case of violation of given rules Administration reserve the right to block partner's account without notification.