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Previous version of the application can be downloaded here: Download

To download the old version you need to delete the current app from your device first.

Zadarma for Android allows you to:

  • send and receive calls via Zadarma and other SIP services.
  • send free text messages between Zadarma network users.
  • send and receive SMS messages.
  • view your account balance in online mode.
  • automatically integrate your phone book.
  • use integrated filters.

Our Zadarma app is available on Google Play, or you can download it on our website.

Installing Zadarma for Android

1. Find and download Zadarma from GooglePlay.

2. During the first launch you can set up the integration of the app with your phonebook, and set your availability when connected to the Internet.

3. Select the "I already have an account" option.

4. Enter the following settings:

Username: Your sip-number (for example 111111) from your personal account

Password: Your sip-number password from your personal account


Username: Your PBX extension number (for example 1234-100) from your personal account

Password: Your PBX extension number password from your personal account


If you encounter problems with incoming calls (this might occur with a 3G connection, especially in countries in Southeast Asia), we recommend enabling a STUN server or ICE. These are found under Settings - Network.

After that click «Save».

5. Application is registered, you can now make calls.