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Google Analytics setup

Universal Analytics setup

To track calls in Universal Analytics you need to manually create objectives that you want to track.

The following scenarios can be tracked through calls:

  • proper - target call (proper repeated in case of a repeated call);
  • answered - answered call (answered repeated in case of a repeated call);
  • busy - number was busy;
  • no answer - call was not answered;
  • cancel - call cancelled;
  • failed - call failed.

Also sent:

  • Action: caller's phone number (without the last 4 digits).
  • Tag: call duration.

For a full call analysis you need to create objectives for each of the scenarios: proper, answered, busy, no answer, failed, cancel, also proper repeated and answered repeated.

In Google Analytics interface go to “Admin” tab, choose the required account and resource.

In tab “All website data” click “Objectives” and button “+Objective”:

Objective setup

  • Choose “Custom” and click “Next”

Objective description

  • Enter any objective name, for example, “Target call”
  • For objective type choose “Scenario” and click “Next”

Details about objectives

  • Category - set the required scenario, for example, proper.
  • If you wan to track calls to a certain virtual number, set it in the “Action” field (not required)

Leave other field blank and click “Save”:


Checking objectives performance is available in “Reports” - “Conversions” - “Objectives”.

Information about the calls is passed to Google Analytics every 15 minutes.

A required condition for analytics works is that your website has to have a tracking code Universal Analytics for your resource. You can get it in the tab “Admin” - “Resource” - “Tracking code”.

Google Analytics v4 setup

No specific actions is required - events described above will be displayed in the Events section within 24 hours from happening. In needed, events can be marked as conversions. You can view events in LIFE CYCLE - Engagement - Events.

Required condition for analytics to work, Google Analytics v4 tracking code must be placed on your website. You can receive it in Admin - Property - Data Streams.