FreePBX PJSIP setup

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1. In the section Connectivity -> Trunks add SIP(chan_pjsip) trunk.

Enter the trunk name in the field Trunk Name and go to tab pjsip settings

Data is shown in the example:

  • 111111: Your SIP-number from your personal account.
  • Secret: Your SIP-number password from the section “Settings – SIP Connection” from your personal account.
  • SIP Server:

The following settings have to be completed as shown on the screenshot.

Tab PJSIP Settings – Advanced, change the parameters in the following fields:

  • Contact User: 111111
  • From Domain:
  • From User: 111111
  • Client URI:
  • Server URI:
  • AOR Contact:

PJSIP Settings – Codecs:

Leave codecs alaw and ulaw, as shown on the screenshot.

3. In the section Connectivity -> Inbound Routes create routing for incoming calls.

  • Description: Zadarma-in
  • DID Number: 111111

In the section Set Destination you can determine where an incoming call be directed, it can be FreePBX extension number, call group, IVR etc.

4. Enter the section Connectivity -> Outbound Routes and create routing for outgoing calls Zadarma-out.

  • Route Name: Zadarma-out
  • Route CID: 111111
  • Trunk sequence for matched routes: Zadarma

In the section Dial Patterns in the field "match pattern" enter a full stop (.) (shown on the next screenshot with a red arrow) and create routing. If you do not put a full stop, you will not be able to make outgoing calls.

The setup is complete.