1. Download Zoiper here.

Install Zoiper as shown below:

2. Click "Yes" if you want Zoiper to start automatically when you log in.

In wizard choose "SIP"

3. Create a new account using the following information:

user/user@host: Your sip number (for example 111111) from personal account

Password: Your sip number password from personal account.

Domain/Outbound proxy: sip.zadarma.com

4. Account name: 111111@sip.zadarma.com

5. Account is added, click "Close":

Softphone is now set up, and you can make calls


When connecting to Cloud PBX from Zadarma you need to use the internal IP PBX information that appears under "My PBX - Extension numbers".

user/user@host: Your internal PBX number (for example 1234-100) from personal account

Password: Your password of extension number of PBX from personal account

Domain/Outbound proxy: pbx.zadarma.com

Account name: 1234-100@pbx.zadarma.com