Slack and Zadarma Integration

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Slack is a corporate messenger for companies of all sizes and across all industries, which will perfectly suit both small firms and international enterprises. According to its developers, Slack was created to replace Skype and other messengers used for internal communication among the employees, as well as corporate email. It can be integrated with other services, such as Google Drive, MailChimp, Google Docs, Twitter, Trello, Google Hangouts, DropBox, GitHub and many more.

Zadarmabot app offers several useful features to Slack users: missed call notifications, SMS and other system notifications in accordance with settings in users’ Zadarma personal accounts.


  • Group chats and file sharing;
  • Available for popular operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS);
  • Convenient message search and archiving;
  • Message synchronization for all devices;
  • Customizable desktop, smartphone and email notifications;
  • Integrations with various online services and messengers;

Telephony and Slack integration features:

Missed calls notifications – available as a part of free Cloud PBX, make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, use effective features – voice menu, call recordings and statistics, integrations with CRM and Helpdesk systems;
Incoming SMS – connect a mobile number with SMS reception feature, pay only for outgoing calls;
Important system updates – receive notifications about your balance, price plan and number extensions;
Slack download and setup

1. Let’s take a look at Slack download and setup for iOS (if you are already using Slack, go to step 3). Download the app, complete the registration and confirm it by following the link in the email.

2. Enter your company name and your Workspace, then you will be able to customize notifications. The basic setup is complete.

3. Go to your Zadarma personal account, Settings - My profile. In the notifications tab choose Slack and click Add. Follow the Slack link and sign in to your Slack account. Enable Zadarma access and follow the link to open Slack app.

4. Send @ZadarmaBot a message with the code that appeared earlier in your Zadarma account, for example add=123456

5. The setup is complete, now you will receive missed calls notifications and other information regarding your account.