1. Download application.

2. In wizard choose "SIP"

3. Create new account.

user/user@host: 111111@sip.zadarma.com replace 111111 with your sip number from your personal account

Password: Your sip-number password from your personal account.

Domain/Outbound proxy: sip.zadarma.com

4. Account name: 111111@sip.zadarma.com

5. Account is added, click "Close":

6. Softphone is set, You can make calls.


While connecting to IP PBX from Zadarma you need to use the internal IP PBX information that appears under "My PBX - Extension numbers".

user/user@host: 1234-100@pbx.zadarma.com replace 1234-100 with your internal PBX number from your personal account

Password: Your internal PBX number password from your personal account

Domain/Outbound proxy: pbx.zadarma.com

Account name: 1234-100@pbx.zadarma.com