1. Download and install Linphone.

2. After successful installation, launch Linphone and click on settings (the gear wheel icon).

3. Enter the following information:

Username: Your sip-number (for example 111111) from personal account

Password: your sip-number password from personal account

Domain: sip.zadarma.com

Proxy: sip.zadarma.com

Click "Save"

4. If all settings information was entered correctly, connection status will change to "Registered" and you can make calls.

5. In order to set up codecs you need to enter the application's "Settings" and choose "Audio settings" - "Codecs Options"

Supported codecs: G711.a(alaw), G711.u(ulaw), G729, gsm, speex


When connecting to IP PBX from Zadarma you need to use the internal IP PBX information that appears under "My PBX - Extension numbers".

Username: Your internal PBX number (for example 1234-100) from personal account

Password: Your internal PBX number password from personal account

Domain: pbx.zadarma.com

Proxy: pbx.zadarma.com