Softphone Apps

When we talk about VoIP, services like Skype or WhatsApp come to mind. But if we want it for professional use, with features such as virtual PBX, we have to take it a step further and look for softphones apps that go beyond making a call or video chats with friends.

There are plenty of softphone options available on the market. They allow you to put the office phone inside your smartphone mobile, which frees you from the need to be tied to the table to receive or make calls with the company number.

Let's see some of the most popular best softphone choices among those presented on the market today. Keep in mind, that using them will most likely require registering with the service first.

Professional softphone apps: what are the options and what features do they offer


Before talking about any other app, we want to present you the Zadarma app that is constantly being updated with a handful of improvements. One of the most efficient updates is that you no longer have to have it open at all times since smart push notifications have been implemented. This means that it works in the background and when a call gets through, it is activated, and you can attend to it.

Zadarma app

It can be used with or without the Cloud PBX, but the second option is when we have all its features to the fullest and in a much more professional character. Among other novelties, there is also the renewed interface design and greater features accessibility, the possibility of copying a number and the Instant delivery of SMS messages.

These features were added to those that could already be enjoyed, such as the possibility of configuring disconnection time, receiving calls only using Wi-Fi to save data, automatic integration with contacts or call cost and balance display.


With both free and paid versions of the app (around 8 EUR/9 USD), Zoiper offers just the softphone. What does this mean? That by itself it is not very useful unless you subscribe to a SIP or IAX service.

Zoiper app

The free version is sufficient and has many features such as call holding, background work, different ringtones for each account, call transfer etc. The paid version also supports video calls and offers other advantages.

It seems like an interesting alternative, however, it has a drawback of having to configure it on each phone on your own, there is no application support. Besides, beware of the fraudulent apps that use the good name of Zoiper to steal user data.


It is, perhaps, the one that resembles Zadarma app the most among those that we are presenting here. 3CX is also a VoIP services provider that does not have clear rates but works through personalized budgets, so you cannot assess the cost without contacting them first.

3CX app

3CX clients work with a company account and both Android and iOS apps offer a range in features. They include detecting if you are in or out of the office, call transfer and calls on hold, status changing (busy, in transit, etc.), multi-call, see the status of colleagues, conference, chat, etc.

Now, it is not an easily installable app Zadarma, which only requires to enter the data from your account and that's it. The PBX administrator is the one who must configure the push service for the 3CX clients so that, among other things, notifications work.

So it is quite a complicated application, but if you lack a fairly advanced technical department, which is common for small and medium-sized companies, it can be difficult to carry it out.


The RingCentral softphone application is probably one of the most well-known options. The app is free if you are already using RingCentral as your VoIP provider. If not, you will need to sign up to one of their four packages to use the app.

RingCentral app

RingCentral app operates on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and provides a wide range of features including calls (obviously), messaging, video calling, and screen-sharing.

The app is frequently updated, and the company claims high-quality connection at all times. Prices vary significantly and depend on the size of your company and the number of employees; they start at around $19.99/month.

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is a softphone application that works on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and Windows platforms. It offers secure VoIP connection, HD video and screen sharing capabilities, plus other features that can assist with your communication needs.

Jabber app

Jabber is quite a straightforward app to use and it benefits from being a part of a larger Cisco family. However, it is only meant for internal company communication and might not work for you if you are seeking to engage with clients or partners.