Cheap calls to Italy

If you regularly travel to Italy, for work or pleasure, then you may be looking for an affordable calling solution to allow you to make local calls at an affordable rate. Whether you require a local phone number to stay in touch with family or keep business relationships strong, international calling can be problematic and you will want to avoid international roaming tariffs. If you are regularly making calls to Italy from the UK or the US, then it is smart to consider a cost effective calling solution and set up a virtual number. The adoption of smartphones paired with virtual phone numbers has provided a popular straightforward solution for many international travelers and businesses.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number And How Do They Work?

A virtual phone number is a phone number provided via a VoIP phone solution and will allow you to make cheap calls to Italy. The virtual number is not tied to a particular device or physical office location. This allows for calls to be made and received using this number from any device, from anywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Zadarma offers multi-channel virtual phone numbers providing affordable local numbers for Italy. Users can receive calls to virtual phone numbers online or forward them to any other phone. Zadarma’s virtual numbers work by breaking outbound voice audio into data packets that travel to their call destination. When the data leaves the caller’s local WiFi network, Zadarma then sends it from one data centre to the next, until it reaches the receiver's network. The process is fast and seamless, just like a normal landline number.

What local Italian phone numbers does Zadarma provide?

Zadarma provides the opportunity to connect a phone number in Italy to your PC, SIP gate, PBX phone system or mobile phone. You can also forward a virtual phone number to any country for free, or at a very low price. Zadarma offers over 80 local Italy centric virtual phone numbers covering the most popular Italian cities, as listed below.

Area code and Destination

  • 800 Toll-free
  • 0131 Alessandria
  • 071 Ancona
  • 0883 Andria
  • 0165 Aosta
  • 0575 Arezzo
  • 0141 Asti
  • 080 Bari
  • 035 Bergamo
  • 051 Bologna
  • 0471 Bolzano
  • 030 Brescia
  • 0831 Brindisi
  • 0331 Busto Arsizio
  • 070 Cagliari
  • 0874 Campobasso
  • 0823 Caserta
  • 0981 Castrovillari
  • 095 Catania
  • 0961 Catanzaro
  • 0547 Cesena
  • 031 Como
  • 0984 Cosenza
  • 0962 Crotone
  • 0171 Cuneo
  • 0532 Ferrara
  • 055 Florence
  • 0881 Foggia
  • 0543 Forli
  • 0775 Frosinone
  • 010 Genoa
  • 0564 Grosseto
  • 0862 L Aquila
  • 0187 La Spezia
  • 0968 Lamezia Terme
  • 0872 Lanciano
  • 0123 Lanzo Torinese
  • 0773 Latina
  • 0832 Lecce
  • 0586 Livorno
  • 0583 Lucca
  • 0585 Massa
  • 090 Messina
  • 02 Milan
  • 059 Modena
  • 039 Monza
  • 081 Naples
  • 0321 Novara
  • 0789 Olbia
  • 049 Padua
  • 091 Palermo
  • 0521 Parma
  • 0382 Pavia
  • 075 Perugia
  • 0721 Pesaro
  • 085 Pescara
  • 0523 Piacenza
  • 050 Pisa
  • 0971 Potenza
  • 0574 Prato
  • 0544 Ravenna
  • 0965 Reggio Calabria
  • 0522 Reggio Emilia
  • 0541 Rimini
  • 06 Rome
  • 0425 Rovigo
  • 089 Salerno
  • 079 Sassari
  • 019 Savona
  • 0931 Syracuse
  • 099 Taranto
  • 0744 Terni
  • 011 Torino
  • 0923 Trapani
  • 0461 Trento
  • 0422 Treviso
  • 040 Trieste
  • 0432 Udine
  • 0332 Varese
  • 041 Venice
  • 045 Verona

Follow these 4 Simple Steps To Allow You To Make Affordable Calls To Italy

How can you make cheap calls to Italy? It is very simple to get an affordable calling solution in place. You will need to ​set up a virtual number by signing up with a VoIP provider, like Zadarma, and then select the closest local city area code to guide you to which phone number to select. For instance, if you are targeting businesses around the Venice or Naples area then select these specific area dialing codes. Once you have a virtual number, you can go on to make and receive phone calls from your virtual numbers as well as send texts. The following 4 steps outline the basic local number set up process with Zadarma.

  1. Register with Zadarma

    It is important to do your research before setting up with a VoIP provider. Be sure you sign up to a VoIP provider who offers the international location you are looking to make regular calls to. Zadarma provides virtual numbers to over 100 countries as well as toll-free or freephone numbers, allowing you to make calls at no charge. You first need to register on the Zadarma website and log into your personal account.


    Zadarma covers 80 locations across Italy, providing virtual numbers to the most popular locations across Italy from Rome to Udine and beyond.

  2. Top up your Zadarma account

    It is really important to top up your Zadarma account before you activate your virtual number to avoid the number being blocked. You can make regular payments to top up your account using standard payment solutions such as by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) or PayPal or via bank transfer. Within your Zadarma account you can select the required payment option in the “Billing” and then “Make a Payment” section of your personal account.

  3. Select your local Italian area code and local virtual number

    Now it is time to select your local virtual number. You can do this within the “Settings” section of your personal account. Go to the “Settings - Virtual Phone numbers” section and select your phone number and then select your area code.

    Chose Italian virtual phone number

    The area code may be the closest to the destination you wish to make regular calls too. You will often need to upload necessary documents if required, and top up your account to allow for instant use. Your virtual phone number will be linked to your VoIP phone account, so you can manage calls and texts from any device that your VoIP phone system supports. If you are setting up your Italy virtual number for business use, then you may wish to assign numbers to your workforce. If you are an administrator to your account then you can manage and add users from within your company and assign your account’s virtual numbers to specific team members.

  4. Make your call to Italy

    Once you have your virtual number and area code selected, then activation will happen shortly after the verification of the details is confirmed by Zadarma. You can begin to make and receive calls from your mobile or any device as long as you have a steady internet connection.


Zadarma has seen small to medium size businesses adopting virtual numbers to make calling to Italy affordable from the US or UK. This calling solution can significantly enhance your business profile. Whether you are making regional or international calls, then you can utilize local virtual numbers within your organization as they are automatically routed. If you are looking to do regular business with Italy, then a local virtual number will naturally expand the reach of your business, allowing you to tap into the local Italian market, and build trust and credibility, by projecting a local presence. Many businesses have commented that it is far easier to enhance customer engagement, nurture relationships and increase conversion and retention rates, when the Italian customer perceives that you are based in Italy and local to them.

Virtual numbers are compatible with desktop handsets, mobile phones and smartphones. This allows you to implement new features and services without having to buy new telephone systems and handsets. There are wider benefits beyond cost savings of leveraging a VoIP solution for international calls. You can often leverage additional VoIP services, free of charge, as part of the virtual number package. These services will vary depending on your VoIP provider, however they often include voicemail, call forwarding, call attendants, integration with SMS and email, and video conferencing. A local to Italy phone number will allow your business to establish a local presence within that local area, even if you do not have a physical location there. Callers appreciate, and are more likely to answer a local number compared to a long distance foreign number. Individuals can be reached anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices at little or no additional cost. Above all, using local virtual numbers is cost effective and secure, and highly advantageous for business and personal callers.