Zadarma - MS Teams integration

As the pandemic begins to ease, many companies are using a combination of remote and on-site working. Businesses have now successfully navigated and adapted their organisations, with sales operations appearing fundamentally different from what they were pre-Covid. Collaboration tools that saved business communications during the toughest of times of 2020 are set to remain long term across the business infrastructure. Microsoft Teams has consistently been among the most widely significant virtual communication tools adopted, in the last 18 months.

The new hybrid virtual model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for teams, reduced cost, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences. However many sales & customer service driven organisations have learnt that collaborative tools alone are not quite enough to secure successful unified communications. The most effective process to leverage hybrid working requires the reimagining of processes and systems. For instance, improving your cloud phone & conferencing operations, ensures you have the optimum communication model in place to future proof business growth.

Integrating a business phone system with Microsoft Teams will allow any business or individual to enjoy the best of both platforms through a single, intuitive interface. A Cloud PBX can easily adapt to accommodate changing working environments. Microsoft Team users can make and receive calls through the interface via direct integration with a VoIP service. And the integration setup takes a matter of minutes.

Once a Cloud PBX solution is in place, your workforce can connect a phone number and make and receive calls easily. The free integration doesn't require additional apps or software, simply connect and start communicating. You are able to work from home and make and receive calls as if they were in the office.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and use case examples of integrating Microsoft Teams & VoIP

  1. Phone Calls In One Click Using Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams integrates with Zadarma’s VoIP calls, meaning you can make and receive calls wherever you are. This is perfect for a sales representative who has to meet high volumes of calls each day. Integration features include calls in one click, calling clients straight from MS Teams interface and call scenarios that allow call routing setup for organisations in Teams. When accepting incoming calls via Teams, you just need to click on a corresponding icon in the incoming call notification that appears on the screen.

  2. Real-time Call Analytics

    There is a variety of integration features that come along with cloud phone systems, such as statistical integration which provides voice menu configuration and speech analytics. Real-time analytics can provide any sales, customer service team manager or business leaders deep insight into the communications that are happening across their business. With this insight, call performance can be monitored and communication methods improved when required.

  3. Increase Productivity

    Microsoft Teams integration with a phone service provides a unified optimum communication solution, which can inspire team productivity. Features like online meetings and screen sharing encourage interaction, providing the perfect conversation within a centralised communication channel. The Teams software places simple icons into the workflow that enable staff to make a call as they work. When sistered with PBX, it can produce a lean working environment with less cause for distractions.

  4. Affordable communication

    Leading VoIP providers have revolutionised the VoIP industry by shaking up the cheapest way to make calls. MS Teams continues this tradition by offering a low-cost monthly fee to use its Microsoft 365 service. You can choose a virtual phone system that provides highly affordable cloud phone plans for calls to different regions. The smart integration of Teams with VoIP is the perfect set-up for any growing international business. It will supply you with virtual phone numbers in over 100 countries allowing access to international calling at hugely reasonable rates.

  5. Quality HD calls & auto attendants

    With Microsoft Teams, you can always receive crystal-clear, HD quality calls. Paired with VoIP, you can integrate these communications. With Teams & VoIP it is now possible to give incoming callers a virtual list of voice prompts that redirect them to the right person.

An always-on Cloud PBX allows dispersed and hybrid working teams to stay connected, wherever they are. Whether you are a small business looking to scale internationally or part of a sales or customer team, PBX integration with Microsoft Teams can quickly empower your employees without disrupting their workflows. This highly affordable integration will unify your communication channels rapidly.

If you are interested to find out more about VoIP integration with Microsoft Teams that can offer these advantages at low rates along with virtual numbers and other free features, read more here.