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It is very common for business professionals to require a second phone number. Setting up a second phone number that’s dedicated to business use is the simplest way to separate your business and personal communication. The following article explains the benefits of establishing a second phone number, without the need to add to your landline infrastructure or needing a SIM card.

The most affordable way to set up a second phone number is through a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. You may know, VoIP is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. Zadarma provides a seamless VoIP phone number service and has many users who simply use the VoIP technology to allow them to set up a second phone number. This provides users with the ability to keep business and personal conversation separate.

When you sign up for a secondary phone number with Zadarma, you will be given a phone number that is associated with your VoIP account. You can then use this number to make and receive calls and texts on your existing phone, tablet, or computer. There are so many advantages to doing this, quite simply you can ensure you’re providing clear expectations to your business customers. On your business phone number you can set up voicemails and greeting messages aligning to your business hours. This not only provides a professional business persona but also clearly signals when your business is open and closed.

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Benefits of setting up a second phone number

There are a variety of benefits of owning a second phone number:

1. Privacy & Work-Life Balance

Having a second phone number protects your personal information and adds flexibility to your communication strategy. You can use your second phone number to protect your business and personal privacy as you may not want to share your personal numbers with individuals you don’t know. You can use your secondary phone number to avoid being harassed by monotonous sales calls. Furthermore, you may use your second phone number instead of your personal number to ensure you only are contacted within working hours. This ensures you keep your personal and work-life separate. Users of this strategy have reported a reduction in stress and have a feeling of improved work-life balance.

2. Accessibility

If you leverage a cloud VoIP provider like Zadarma to access a second number, then this provides an accessible solution. You will be able to make and receive calls through your second number using your laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world, at any time. This reduces the number of missed calls as you can access phone calls while on the go. Furthermore, as VoIP works in the cloud, you can access the phone number as you travel, across different time zones, with minimal disruption.

3. Local Area Code Specific

At Zadarma you can select a suitable second number with your preferred area code as per your business needs. The second phone number will continue to be active as long as there are enough funds on your account balance to renew it. You may even want to have a range of local numbers to provide a regionally targeted strategy. When a customer sees that you have a local area code associated with your business number, then they will be more trusting and resonate more closely with the phone number. They often are more likely to make or receive the call if the area code presented is one that they can relate to.

4. Convenience

Zadarma’s users have reported that a second phone number invites a new level of convenience to their day to day working processes. Some businesses use a second number specifically for certain sales or marketing initiatives. For instance, you could use the second number across specific marketing material and track the number of inbound calls received against the marketing campaign. Alternatively you could use your second number to invite users to sign up for a demo or free giveaways.

5. Caller Prioritisation

When you have a second phone number set up for business purposes any call respondent can identify the caller’s identity, in advance of call pick up. This allows you to better prioritise your call logs, considering which calls are most important to pick up first. For instance, if you can see the caller’s area code, where the call lead was sourced from, this can provide pre-call insight. This sort of caller profile information helps better inform your conversation even before you have spoken to your prospective customer, which provides for a fruitful conversation.

6. Affordable

With a trusted provider like Zadarma, you can set up a second phone number in a matter of minutes. All you would need is a laptop and a good internet connection. Zadarma offers wide spread geographical coverage of phone numbers, with more than 30,000 phone numbers, both local area code and national numbers, that are available across 100 countries. Zadarma provides highly affordable call rates, and has been praised by customers as being one of the most affordable vendors. Zadarma offers a range of call bundle plans, which allow for highly affordable national and international calling through accessible virtual numbers. Virtual numbers use less resources, and they are far less expensive than traditional mobile calls. Most of Zadarma’s phone numbers require no connection fee, calls between registered users are free of charge, and the phone number service provides high performance in connection quality.

PBX Phone System Feature Benefits

The advantages of choosing a respected VoIP provider like Zadarma to set up your second phone number, is that you can leverage a multitude of useful call management and call performance features to support your business processes. Zadarma allows all registered users full access to their PBX phone system, free of charge. Zadarma’s phone system features includes call tracking, call recording, call forwarding, IVR, the Teamsale CRM, video conferencing, call queuing, call barge, whisper modes, call analytics and more. The PBX phone system features will support your second phone number’s business strategy. In-turn this will improve your customer servicing processes and customer satisfaction levels, reducing costs and raising productivity, alongside inspiring more engaged customers, setting your business up for long term growth.