Telecom for educational industry

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation advancements in the last two years within education settings. There has been a significant surge in the adoption of cloud communication tools. Also noted is the building out of IT infrastructures across schools and university operations. This growing shift has increased conversations and interest amongst education professionals globally, regarding VoIP phone systems. Large education academies are migrating towards daily lesson planning and real-time communication through the use of virtual cloud communication solutions. But what are the main drivers for this mass adoption? The simple answer, VoIP is a cheaper and more flexible solution than traditional phone solutions with more added value benefits.

How can VoIP phone systems be useful for education networks?

VoIP is a method and group of technologies delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet. VoIP phone systems are allowing schools, academies and education organisations to easily merge their telephone and computer networks. Zadarma offers free calling with additional features such as video conferencing and instant messaging (SMS), perfect for educational institutions to centralise their communications.

What are the advantages of Zadarma’s VoIP solution to educators?

Zadarma’s Cloud PBX has seen an increase in new user registrations from schools, to colleges and universities in the last two years. Education professionals have commended Zadarma’s seamless solution with its ease to adapt and accommodate fast-changing learning environments. Below we have outlined some of the key advantages.

Easy communication across school networks

With features such as free video conferencing, call routing, recording and forwarding and IVR, education professionals can make calls and be easily diverted directly to education departments and to cross-functional, dispersed teams quickly. This has proven hugely useful for universities, colleges and schools allowing for cross-campus communication, among students, teaching professionals and even with parents.

Affordable and flexible communication

Compared to traditional phone systems, Zadarma’s enabled phone systems are far cheaper than traditional phone line methods. Standard phone lines come with expensive hardware or installation costs. VoIP phone systems for schools and universities are cheaper to set up, configure and maintain. Zadarma offers a free-phone business phone system (PBX) for educational institutions that can cater specifically for the education institution's communication needs. With the option of free phone (also known as toll-free) and a local number’s both schools, academies and university networks can benefit from the free phone service. The affordable, accessible communication method has improved internal and external communication rates.

Accessible video calling and HD call quality

At Zadarma we offer free video conferencing as part of our phone solution. Lectures, teachers and students are utilising this free audio and visual communication method. This allows for virtual lessons, meetings or video calls using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Zadarma’s solution works across browsers, smartphones and tablets. It provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple education settings.

Well supported for remote learning

Additionally, VoIP-powered cloud communications for education can facilitate long-distance learning for students who are not present physically in the classroom. At Zadarma, we continually advance our technology in line with educational needs. For instance, we have evolved our solution to provide native integration with Microsoft Teams that allows educators to enjoy the best of both platforms through a single, intuitive interface. Microsoft Team’s users can make and receive calls through the interface via direct integration with Zadarma VoIP service. The integration setup takes a matter of minutes.

Increased productivity for teachers, lecturers and students

Education organisations have seen a marked improvement in productivity rates amongst staff and students thanks to the introduction of cloud communication phones and mobile devices such as NetBooks, iPads and Tablets. Children, mature students, parents and educators have embraced technology to support improved learning methods in the classroom as well as for home learning. There is more transparency for parents to keep in touch with their child’s classwork or homework to support future learning. Students are able to continue their class projects from home, and explore extra projects to boost further learning. This has motivated and improved general well-being for students providing them with a sense of independence while learning. Moreover, project deadlines have been set and are more frequently being met, with fewer delays noted due to the online virtual learning environments with tasks and deadlines being set. Communication lines appear to be clearer, more accessible and easier to monitor for students, parents and teachers alike. The new hybrid virtual model of teaching from the classroom and for remote learners, promises great advancements into future education. With VoIP in place, students can embrace their education journey no matter what crisis or interruption may occur.

VoIP phone systems are being widely adopted across the education industry, providing a fast, efficient, cost-effective solution, centralising communication across institutions. Register with Zadarma and enjoy all the benefits of a business phone system.