White label VoIP

The ongoing growth of VoIP continues to be accelerated by the prolonged impact of Covid-19 and the rise in remote working. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily. In this article we will explore the advantages of white labelling VoIP services.

What is White label VoIP?

The term white label usually applies to mass market items, however, at Zadarma, we have upped the game and offer an API that allows Zadarma customers to white label and customise our VoIP solutions and resell these to your customers. Businesses are claiming huge benefits from offering telecom services to their clients and customers, through white labelling of VoIP telecommunication services via an API. Moreover, with Zadarma’s API you can offer telecom services to your clients without the need for them to register as a Zadarma registered member. Your clients will be able to benefit from cloud telecommunication under their brand with the ability to make and receive calls from their web interface, using all Zadarma PBX features.

VoIP capabilities and Zadarma’s API approach

To take advantage of Zadarma’s API, you first need to receive access to the Zadarma dealer account. If you do not have an account, you simply need to raise a ticket with our finance department.

What are Zadarma’s integration features?

  • Create and manage new Zadarma user accounts
  • Balance funds transfer between dealer and subsidiary accounts
  • Virtual number connection
  • Virtual PBX creation and set up
  • API keys reception for user account
  • Webhook link setup for managing PBX incoming calls
  • WebRTC widget creation for user accounts etc.

What are the benefits of providing VoIP to your customers?

  1. You are in control of your brand and control the pricing - You can apply your own branding to our VoIP platform when marketing it to your customers. This can boost rapport with your customer and spur on future business development. This added value offering fosters customer relationships and boosts and empowers your brand and customer relationships, without having to tie customers into long-term contracts. Another huge advantage of your business white labelling VoIP and reselling to your customers is the additional revenue you can benefit from. You are in control of the margin you would like to gain and the pricing to your customers. You can set your own pricing policies, and customise retail call rates for your individual customers
  2. Offer bespoke solutions - You can create solutions to fit your customer base, in which Zadarma can develop on your behalf. The PBX is a highly customisable solution, perfect for most businesses and a superb service to offer your customers. It has proved popular across nearly all industries. In addition to its integration capability with CRM’s, below we summarise additional customer service related features. The beauty of introducing a PBX to your customers is how the solution can instantly centralise and streamline their communication process. The PBX system will allow the call to be routed internally with no need to go outside the building. Your customers will benefit from all the PBX features, which provides a step change to their business’ internal and external communication. Call handling and customer services benefits will be significant as a result of their switch to VoIP. The PBX features your customers can benefit from include:

    - Flexible Call Routing, Transfer & Interception

    - Call Recording

    - Integration with CRM and other systems

    - Call Forwarding

    - Virtual Attendant (IVR)

    - Voicemail

    - Notification within messenger

    - Call Groups

    - Voicemail Transcription

    - Call Reporting and Analytics Statistics

    - Audio and Video Conferencing Calling

    Most PBX phone systems will offer a voice menu feature for your customers to select options. This allows sales and customer service teams to set call routing aligning to working hours, timezone and availability. Incoming call scenarios are a group of extension numbers that will receive incoming calls in a specific situation, for instance timezone or cities. You then can go on to organise how your calls are managed and change the IVR settings and hold music, set working hours and turn on missed calls notifications based on the scenarios within your voice menu. From call transfers, voice menu settings, to call recording, these sophisticated features will not only empower team’s but also fundamentally improve your clients call experience.

  3. On going technical support - Another major advantage is that as a reseller, you can draw on the technical support of Zadarma’s technical support team, as and when needed to gain valuable pre-sale help and advice. Zadarma agent’s offer a 24/7 support line.

What are the benefits to your customers?

Your customers will benefit from the full breath of VoIP PBX services including the following:

  1. Low cost and low maintenance - Your customers will pay the rates you set and control, so you can ensure they are happy with the price model and have the ability to adapt when needed. They will be able to access the Cloud PBX. This does not need to be installed on their premises with no need to buy any additional equipment. This means there is no need for your customers to worry about phone wires or equipment breaking down or being too complicated to install. By removing the need for an actual PBX box in their offices, the cost of calling in technicians or maintenance engineers is completely removed.
  2. Highly scalable solution - Your customers have access to a fully developed and supported cloud telecommunications platform they can take to market rapidly. The PBX is a ready to go business phone solution. Your customers will just need the internet to get started. The PBX will allow your customers to add or reduce additional lines as they scale up and down, providing a scalable solution, limiting risk and over expenditure.
  3. Conference calling - The PBX offers such extensive features that can increase call collaboration capability, motivates your teams and has proved to increase prospective client’s intent and interest within call environments. These include features such as conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging. The PBX will instantly connect your customers and clients across multiple locations, easily, perfect for dispersed, mobile and office team connection.
  4. No professional IT installation staff are required - As mentioned earlier, Zadarma remains behind the scenes, while you as a reseller can take control of the sales & marketing & profits. The PBX does not require hardware and hard wiring nor does it require IT or telecom experts to install or maintain. The solution is simple to install and maintain. Most VoIP providers will offer a 24/7 service should you need any support anyway.
  5. Integration with a variety of 3rd party systems - Your customers can integrate their CRM with the Zadarma VoIP solution or may want to resell Zadarma’s Teamsale CRM. Most PBX solutions integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and widely used conference and instant messaging call solutions such as Microsoft Teams. This provides a heightened personalised customer service experience to each inbound and outbound client call. Zadarma’s PBX mentioned earlier, currently integrates with Bitrix24, Zoho CRM, amoCRM, Salesforce, Megaplan, RetailCRM, ZohoDESK, PlanFix and WireCRM. Zadarma offers access to their very own Teamsale CRM within the standard PBX package at no additional charge https://zadarma.com/en/services/crm/. The free CRM integrates seamlessly with the PBX, assisting with automating all key processes, including offering video conferencing. The cloud based CRM solution helps you keep track of business contacts, conversation and monitor relationships with existing and potential clients and partners. It allows you to conveniently plan daily tasks and provides views and reports on team performance providing a clear review on team accountability and effectiveness.

White labelling provides smart customisable communication for your customers

White labelling allows VoIP service providers to customise their communication in look and feel or the theme of an existing softphone as per the business needs of the client. Enterprises can brand a softphone solution with their own brand name and logo and use this version to create a greater brand impact in the market. In keeping with employee expectations, organisations are prioritising mobility in communication by adopting VoIP-power mobile applications. Modern businesses are rapidly moving traditional phone systems and opting for virtual softphones that can be easily accessed and used by an on-the-go workforce.

A white label softphone solution is a complete package that comes with the functionality and personal touches of an application that has been built from scratch. White labelling will enable your business to practically own and use the technology without spending hundreds of hours on development and support. It helps an enterprise carve its unique identity in the market by delivering exceptional user experiences. With distanced working set to stay, businesses are looking beyond their standard office communication needs.

VoIP Softphones can be installed either in a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet to make voice and video calls over IP networks. As businesses increasingly move to this real-time, diverse communication platform, they are increasingly interested in white label telephony systems in order to retain complete ownership of the solution, without having to build it from scratch. White label softphones help businesses harness the benefits of a personalised, customisable communication system bespoke to your business. Building an in-house hosted PBX platform from scratch can take years to develop and requires extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise. White label solutions, on the other hand, enable businesses to have complete autonomy and ownership of their softphone systems, without investing in development and support.

Cloud communication platforms like Zadarma provide an accessible, usable solution. This offers businesses seamless access to VoIP communications internationally through mobile. The sophisticated tech communication platform allows smart push notifications to work in the background so that when you receive a call, your mobile is notified and the app activated so you can accept the call. White label services offer potentially huge advantages to you as resellers. Ultimately, the main beneficiary is your end customer, who gets to experience the benefits of VoIP for their organisation. By using VoIP, businesses can improve their communications, scale them up, or down, and enable better collaborative working, where physical location is no limitation. Unified communications systems support joined-up business approaches with efficient and effective strategic advantages. Personalised communication solutions enable business owners to build better businesses. With Zadarma’s API you can offer telecom services to your clients without the need for them to register at Zadarma. Moreover, your clients will be able to receive telecommunication under your brand, allowing you to whitelabel this service. You can offer telecommunication services not as a separate service, but as a part of your system, allowing you to tightly integrate across your business infrastructure. In short, your clients will be able to make and receive calls from your web interface, using all Zadarma PBX features and more. Check out Zadarma’s VoIP partner solutions today for more detailed information on our API.