White label VoIP

The ongoing growth of VoIP continues to be accelerated by the prolonged impact of Covid-19 and the rise in remote working. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily.

The term white label usually applies to mass market items, however, at Zadarma, we have upped the game and offer an API that allows Zadarma customers to white label and customise our VoIP solutions and resell these to your customers. Businesses are claiming huge benefits from offering telecom services to their clients and customers, through white labelling of VoIP telecommunication services via an API. Moreover, with Zadarma’s API, you can offer telecom services to your clients without the need for them to register as a Zadarma registered member. Your clients will be able to benefit from cloud telecommunication under their brand with the ability to make and receive calls from their web interface, using all Zadarma PBX features.

VoIP capabilities and Zadarma’s API approach

To take advantage of Zadarma’s API, you first need to receive access to the Zadarma dealer account. If you do not have an account, you simply need to raise a ticket with our finance department.

What are Zadarma’s integration features?

  • Create and manage new Zadarma user accounts
  • Balance funds transfer between dealer and subsidiary accounts
  • Virtual number connection
  • Virtual PBX creation and set up
  • API keys reception for user account
  • Webhook link setup for managing PBX incoming calls
  • WebRTC widget creation for user accounts etc.

What are the benefits of providing VoIP to your customers?

  1. Own your brand - You can apply your own branding to our VoIP platform when marketing it to your customers. This can boost rapport with your customer and spur on future business development
  2. Foster honest customer relationships - As mentioned above this can boost your brand and customer relationships, without having to tie customers into long-term contracts
  3. You control the pricing - You can set your own pricing policies, and customise retail call rates for your individual customers
  4. Offer bespoke solutions - You can create solutions to fit your customer base, in which Zadarma can develop on your behalf
  5. On going technical support - As a reseller, you can draw on the technical support of Zadarma as and when needed to gain valuable pre-sale help and advice

What are the benefits to your customers?

  1. Your customers have a fully developed and supported cloud telecommunications platform they can take to market rapidly
  2. Your customers pay the rates you set and control, so you can ensure they are happy with the price model and have the ability to adapt when needed
  3. Zadarma remains behind the scenes, while you as a reseller can take control of the sales and marketing profits

White label services offer potentially huge advantages to resellers. Ultimately, the main beneficiary is your end customer, who gets to experience the benefits of VoIP for their organisation. By using VoIP, businesses can improve their communications, scale them up, or down, and enable better collaborative working, where physical location is no limitation. Unified communications systems support joined-up business approaches with efficient and effective strategic advantages. Check out Zadarma’s VoIP partner solutions today for more detailed information on our API.