Zadarma and HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading provider of inbound marketing and sales software. Their technologies assist companies that wish to attract visitors, convert leads and win new customers. HubSpot offers a range of marketing automation functions as an all-in-one platform, taking care of all the moving parts associated with inbound marketing. HubSpot’s functionality is further enhanced when incorporated with VoIP technology. To realise these benefits ensure your prospective VoIP provider integrates with Hubspot. Balance your considerations around features, costs as well as ease of use.

Zadarma has been recognised and featured by HubSpot's top 30 rated apps and reviews as a highly rated Business Phone System partner. This is a significant stamp of recognition for Zadarma’s PBX as an easily integrated VoIP solution that supports a marketing and lead generation strategy. Free HubSpot integration with Zadarma’s PBX works without additional modules or mediators, providing top connection quality and security. Zadarma will create a separate PBX especially for your company in HubSpot with only the need for you to select a number and greeting message.

Zadarma & HubSpot integration features:

  • One-click calling - Hubspot CRM users are able to call their contacts in one click straight from the browser.
  • Call history pop up cards - During incoming and outgoing calls, a client's or partner's pop-up card appears, usefully presenting all their details and previous interactions.
  • Call recordings - Each call is recorded in tickets and contacts. Integration of call statistics and recordings will allow users to monitor performance, train new employees and support any disputes.
  • Automatic call routing - Automatic incoming call direction is assigned to responsible account owners.
  • Client name display - A clear name display is featured in smartphone apps or IP-phones during incoming calls.

A marketing and sales professional’s objective should always be to make their customer’s journey as effortless as possible. Zadarma’s PBX offers smart convenient communication over traditional telephone methods with features such as call forwarding, recording and tracking as well as significant cost savings and video conferencing capability.

Zadarma & HubSpot advantages:

  • HubSpot and Zadarma provide smart lead-optimisation solutions. Through HubSpot you can gain a thorough overview of how visitors are arriving onto your site, what types of search engines they used, what they're doing while they're there and how quickly they're leaving. Zadarma provides call tracking analytics, website widgets and video conferencing tools to ensure you can analyse all inbound lead calls and maximise virtual communication and interaction to supercharge your inbound sales pipeline
  • Setup for both HubSpot and Zadarma is straight forward. Zadarma provides a completely free PBX with a 5 minutes setup time HubSpot provides an all in one inbound marketing solution including blogging, lead nurturing right down to analytics.
  • Zadarma provides phone system price plans at highly affordable attractive rates to all destinations with multichannel numbers in 100 countries (local, mobile, toll-free)
  • Both partners are well established and provide maximum quality and security. Zadarma has data centres in 5 countries and both provide 24/7 support.

Both HubSpot and Zadarma offer leading edge, easy to use technology. Combining these solutions ensures marketing and sales professionals can cater to each and every stage of the inbound sales and marketing process, closely aligning to the buyer's research journey and path to purchase.The pairing of a reliable VoIP provider such as Zadarma with a market-leading automation solution such as HubSpot will provide a powerful, insightful sales and marketing engine to scale and future proof business growth.