Integrating Zadarma PBX with Bitrix24 CRM

Official Zadarma PBX integration with Bitrix24 works without additional modules and agents, providing maximum quality and reliability.

Zadarma-Bitrix24 integration is totally free.

Integration functions:
  • Make calls to clients from Bitrix24 in one click;
  • Customer card pop-up when receiving incoming call;
  • Listen to call recordings via Bitrix24 interface;
  • View full call statistics.
Zadarma IP PBX advantages:
Connect free IP PBX

Installation manual

1. Log in to Bitrix24 as an Administrator (account owner). In the bottom left corner go to "Applications" - "All applications", and enter "Zadarma" in the application search window. Click on the Zadarma application.

2. Click “Install”. In the following pop-up window confirm access by clicking “Install”.

3. Application installation. In order to successfully install the application, complete the following steps:

  • You should be logged into your Zadarma personal account in the browser through which the Bitrix24 page has been opened. If you are not logged into your personal account, follow the link my.zadarma.com and log into your personal Zadarma account, and then refresh the page with the Bitrix24 application installation.
  • You need to have an activated Zadarma IP PBX that has been properly set up. Required settings: internal numbers should be created, from 1 to 50 (one for each employee). When needed, you should also activate call recording (Call recordings in cloud) under "internal number settings". You should also set the incoming calls scenario to the default “without pushing” under "My PBX" - "Incoming calls and IVR".
  • API authorization keys can be created in your personal Zadarma account. Go to: Settings - API, click on “get keys”. You will be sent an email with the confirmation link.

If all of the system's requirements were met, green marks will appear near the list of conditions. Click on “Install”.

4. After the installation is complete, you can assign an internal Zadarma IP PBX number to each employee. For example it can be number 100. This internal number should have active hardware/software for receiving calls or call forwarding to other number enabled.

If necessary, you can disable the automatic generation of leads for an incoming or outgoing call.

If the “call routing to operator” option is enabled, the incoming calls from the caller will be automatically redirected to the assigned operator’s phone. Please note: incoming calls will be directed only to one internal number (the number of the assugned operator) independent of the call scenario in the PBX. If this does not suit you, we recommend to switch off the “call routing to operator” function.

The option to display the caller’s name on the IP phone can be set to show the caller’s name and contact details.

5. In Bitrix24 go to “VoIP setup” - “Settings of number by default”. As the parameter “Number for outgoing call by default” choose the Zadarma application.

6. Integration of Zadarma IP PBX with Bitrix24 is set, to make an outgoing call simply click on the icon of the phone that appears by the number.

During the incoming call, you will receive a notification showing the client's phone number and details.

If the contact is assigned to a specific employee, all future incoming calls from this contact will be routed to this pre-assigned employee.

After completing the call, its recording is attached to the client card. Call recording “to the cloud” feature should be enabled under the internal PBX numbers' settings. These are available at: My PBX - Internal numbers.

Integration functions:

  • Make calls from Bitrix24 in one click;
  • Customer card pop-up when receiving incoming calls;
  • Listen to call recordings via Bitrix24 interface;
  • Full call statistics.