Zadarma Chrome Extension

The demand for Click To Call functionality across websites is on the rise. Click To Call is a method of offering real-time communication between a customer and customer services through a website. The prospect or customer clicks on a number and the click-to-call technology allows you to be connected with the relevant representative team directly. This provides a full web-based call with no phone involved, using your computer’s inbuilt microphone and speaker for the call.

With ‍Google Chrome being one of the most popular cross-platform web-browsers globally, Zadarma has now introduced a plugin to allow calls from Google Chrome. You can make calls straight from the browser without additional equipment or apps. The Click To Call Chrome extension provides the Click To Call facility from any web page when using the Chrome browser by selecting a number from the website page you are interested in. To access Zadarma’s plugin you have to be using the Chrome browser and have to have installed and set up Zadarma’s PBX

All calls made using the extension are included in PBX statistics and integrated CRM systems. The extension is straightforward. It simply finds phone numbers on the website you are browsing and you can then make a call by clicking a telephone icon or by highlighting the number and right-clicking your mouse. Zadarma also offers a phone keypad by clicking the extension icon. The Click To Call extension is especially convenient for help desk or customer relationship teams.

Installation and set-up should take no more than 5 minutes. Here we have broken down the steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome web store and install the extension
  2. After installing the Chrome extension you need to enter the key information including the number Integration key for authorization. This data can be found in integration settings in your personal account
  3. After a successful authorization on your extension number you can start making calls. The plugin will find phone numbers on different websites on its own. Just hover over the number and click the telephone icon. Zadarma also recommends pinning the extension to the quick list for easier access to the keypad.
  4. If the number was not found automatically, a call can be made by highlighting a number, right-clicking on it and choosing the Call Option in the context menu.
  5. In the extension parameters you can enter domains where it will not be activated. Simply add a website or websites to the Add Domain field.

Some of the Chrome extension benefits include:

Employee convenience and time-saving

Many sales and support representatives make tens if not hundreds of calls every day, switching between applications or software might become a repetitive and frankly annoying hustle. Having an option to make a call in a single click eliminates the need to have several programs or pieces of equipment making employees' workflow effortless.

Cost savings

With Zadarma’s Google Chrome Extension you can gain potential cost savings. Web calls can be significantly cheaper and more accessible compared to traditional phone line rates. Whether you install the plugin for personal use or employ it for the entire company, you can see financial savings straight away.

To take advantage of Zadarma’s Google Chrome extension plugin and enjoy calls in a single click from any webpage, check Chrome extension setup page.